Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Neurodiverse Liar, Landon Bryce

A homosexual liar who self-diagnosed himself with autism, berates parents who try to help real autistic children and hides like a weasel when confronted with the truth.

I discovered this moron when I found he was defaming me on Facebook.  The fag deleted my comments which were not the least bit impolite and banned me from the page.  This is what liars do who try to hurt children like my son by obfuscating the meaning of the word "autism".  Child abusing scum like this asshole help confirm the time worn fact that queers are mentally ill.  They should put being queer back in the DSM so these mental cases won't be looking for other mental illnesses that they can hide behind.

Autism is mercury induced brain damage that causes the victim to smear feces, bash their heads through walls and into cement, scream in excruciating pain for hours each day and go through life without ever learning how to speak, read, write, use a toilet, communicate in any appreciable manner or get laid. Autism sucks. There is nothing good about it.  

We don't need these God damn queers misrepresenting the horror of autism.  At least my autistic kid isn't queer.

Update:  I just looked at Landon's FB page and found more dishonesty that he fed to his fellow imbeciles:  "ThAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community No. This is not personal. It is the abuse I get for being openly gay and openly autistic in a world that sees both of these things as bad."

Notice how this asshole still claims to be autistic while remembering that he diagnosed himself.  Nobody can do that legitimately since all autism is diagnosed by age 3 because the behavior of autistics is so bizarre that it could never be missed by anyone.  So, after reading my criticism as the father of a severely autistic boy, said asshole still doesn't want to be honest and say that he might have Asperger's not autism.

Sane people can read the idiotic comments from the other mental cases who associate with Landon here.  The level of stupidity is unbelievable, good for a laugh.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder if some of the self diagnosed people and the ND parents are so desperate for attention they will put anything out there for recognition. This parent, who has been very vocal about not wanting a cure for her daughter and for being Ari's pal, writes for the Huffington Post as well as on her blog Diary of a Mom. She wrote an article recently entitled "Like Me" where she, despite being married for something like 15 years, announces to the world she is a lesbian, excuse me bi-sexual. Below is an excerpt. So here we have a ND mom who doesn't want a cure for her daughter now claiming she was a lesbian, but apparently isn't anymore and is now happily married to a man. I feel for her daughter as well as for her poor sap of a husband for marrying her.

She got something like 170 comments praising her for being bi-sexual. Wait, what about her daughter (s)? And husband? Do they matter in this equation? Does she care about how this may affect them? Apparently not.

Bottom line, I think some of these weirdos in the autism community are simply looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.

From Huffington Post, by Jessica Wilson, "Like Me":

"I believe in equal rights. I believe that gay rights (and disability rights; more on that to follow) are, in the simplest terms, civil rights. I believe that no one ever has the right to impose his or her belief system on another human being. I have talked about it; I've written about it; I've lived it. I have said, "This is what I believe," but never have I said (publicly), "This is who I am."

Well, this is who I am.

Just before I met the man who is now my husband, there was someone else in my life, someone wonderful, someone with whom I had a nearly electric connection, someone who was smart as a whip and funny as hell, someone who was talented and beautiful and who, in turn, made me feel talented and beautiful, too, someone who challenged me and made me think and feel and try new things, someone who pushed me to be a better version of myself, someone whom I adored, and someone with whom my life would have been -- from the outside, at least -- very, very different had time written a different script for us, because, depending on where we chose to live, we might not have had the right to marry, and because there might have been people in my life -- in our lives -- whose preconceived notions about love would have changed their opinion of me. I never had to live that. I have no idea what that really feels like, but only because time wrote a different script for me and the person with whom I ultimately fell in love for keeps happened to be a man.

It doesn't come up much, but there are moments. There are dropped pronouns in stories of my past. There are thoughts left without a voice. And then there are times when I am praised for being an ally to the gay community."

John Best said...

If whack jobs support the queers, the queers support the whack jobs. They unite to form a larger community of mentally ill idiots celebrating the joy of brain damage.

Summer said...

I doubt that you will post comments that disagree with you, seeing that you are so self righteous, but I'll give it a spin. Sir, DO NOT quote scripture from the God of Love when you are choosing to worship the God of Hate. All men, created by God, are deserving of respect. You sir, have lost yourself and have shown yourself to be unworthy of reading any further than the first two lines.

John Best said...

Does "pillars of salt" ring a bell?

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

With a very heavy heart I read your blog. I have an autistic son. It has been the hardest thing in my life to come to terms with. You spouting about fags and queers is dangerous-and ill conceived. My child at this point hasn't much discussed his sexual preferences, but if he likes girls, boys or whatever else, I willo love him without equal. My son knows I will support him no matter what he does. I have a very strong feeling that he is going to do great awesome things and will follow my lead with being tolerant of anyone-and standing up for those who are being wronged. He would stand up to you sir, with your sheer callousness.

Megan said...

All autism is not diagnosed by age three. Where in the world did that come from? People of all ages are diagnosed on the spectrum everyday.

Anonymous said...

you sir are a twat I have aspergers and you chat so much shit you horrible cunt

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? a diary of a mom-November 28, 2012- Ms. Wilson gushing on her blog about "her friend Landon Bryce", his book and his life. I would provide the link but to read it is sickening. Just take my word for it!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right.
Before my diagnosis I was far ahead of the majority of my peers, my year 2 teacher used to be really annoyed that I refused to use a number line, since column addition is more effective and much faster.

But after my diagnosis I for some reason could not (and can not) stop myself from smearing excrement all over the walls and the constant screaming has effectively caused me to be a waste of oxygen; that's basically all I have done for 11 years straight.

The point being, if you want to troll people with Autism, at least pretend you know what you are talking about. (Face-palm)

And Mercury? How? Where from? Also, provide some evidence. Leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, sociology and psychology have absolutely no idea what causes it; especially since 'autism' is an umbrella term - covering a wide range of 'disorders' - it is extremely unlikely that there is one definite cause for all occurrences, which is what you seem to be suggesting. Mercury can cause either 'insanity', technically brain damage, (which I gather is your point about autism) or blood poisoning; neither eventuality account for a different neurological structure within the central nervous system of carbon based life: so what is your point?

My advice, leave political/ideological bias out of your arguments because you come as across as an irrational being, not exactly a good credential for rigorous academic debate.

P.S. Yes I do have an official diagnosis of an Autistic spectrum disorder, verified multiple times by her majesty's government.

John Best said...

I can't argue with the brain dead people who comment here to troll me but it's good to allow their comments once in a while just to let them show us how much they need to be cured. They're a pain in the ass but we should still try to help them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really got under this guys skin with your comments. So much so that he quoted your statement on his facebook page that didn't meet community standards there and it was likely deleted by facebook, as it disappeared last night without any comment from the guy.

The guy used sarcasm with his followers and they thought it was him that made the statement instead of you. Ironic that his own followers likely are the ones that complained to facebook and got his post deleted.

I don't think this guy has ever deleted something nasty he has said about other people and he has a record of doing that, even to people who say they are autistic.

It must have really got to him if facebook deleted his post for not meeting community standards, because he has been silent for almost 24 hours, since it was deleted.

I don't agree with your comments, but it wasn't you that posted the original post that started this fight, it was someone else that was antagonizing him by posting a comparison between you and him on a Venn diagram.

Instead of making the focus on the person that antagonized him, he made your reputation the focus of that thread.

Karma works in mysterious ways. Someone attacked him. He attacked you. You attacked him. He attacked you back while his followers attacked him because they felt attacked by him when he was attacking you.

The whole Karmic chain of events could have been resolved if he just let the first antagonizing blow go by the person he was careful not to identify. Or even weeks before that as someone used sarcasm on him that started this whole karmic chain of events that he could not let go, and felt compelled to make a spectacle of that person on his website.

He might feel a sense of power by using his platform and followers to do this to people, but he cannot escape the rules of facebook where he is just another number in a book.

Jim said...

I didn't notice you don't allow anonymous comments until I posted the comment. My name is Jim and I made the last comment about Karma if you choose to publish it.

John Best said...

I think you described behavior that comes from brain damaged people, Jim. When I commented on Landon's FB page, I didn't mention autism or the attack against me. All I did was comment about banksters in an effort to show these people how to help themselves.

Jim said...

This is a quote from the most recent post on the guy's website about how he feels about people who run blogs for people with autism:

"And here's the thing-- if you don't know that aggressive sarcasm is going to disable many autistic people and make it impossible for them to participate in a conversation, you don't know enough about autism for it to be okay for you to run an autism blog. You need to shut it down and shut the fuck up."

And this is a quote from his facebook page about what gets people with autism banned on his facebook page:

"I ban people for misunderstanding sarcasm (or making any other understandable error) and then swearing at me or making me the target of a self-pitying tirade. People get banned for ATTACKING, not for autistic."

Maybe he should also consider taking his own advice in shutting the f*ck up and closing shop.

Aspies are brilliant said...

I think you should campaign against overdiagnosed Autism. Why can't nerds just be nerds? What's wrong with being a nerd or a freak? What's wrong with doing things differently from the rest? Aspies are the nerds, the freaks, the loners, and basically outsiders who often end up making a huge difference in the world, or at least making the world a more colorful place to live. If Asperger's is not Autism, then make a campaign so those of us who are different won't be pathologized anymore. We don't want to be considered disordered. We just want to engage in the things we like to do (our special interests) and not care about anything else. We want to be left alone. We also don't want to be bullied for being who we are.