Monday, January 14, 2013

Why Are We Here? Start the Revolution!

I'm here to play golf.  I didn't come to this planet to serve bankers and business owners by subscribing to some stupid Protestant work ethic and slaving away for 50 or 60 years to make them rich.  My object has always been to work as little as possible to be able to have the money for the greens fees and the time to play the game.  That's my goal.

Along the way, I did some useful things like serving in the military, performing all sorts of different tasks for money and trying to cure and prevent autism.  I'd have liked it better if I hadn't had to do these things that interfered with playing golf but we all have to make our contributions to society. Other people have different interests that they would much rather pursue besides working someplace to get a paycheck so they can pay their bills.

So, how come everyone spends all that time working, or avoiding work by being a thief or a leech and nobody works to change the stupid system that we all live within?  We have not learned to set goals and implement them.  I think everyone would agree with me that avoiding work is a good goal that we should all strive to achieve.  To work as little as possible though, we have to help each other.  We have to recognize the enemy who forces us to work a lot more hours than we want to and we have to set ourselves free from that control that ruins our lives.  Instead of worrying about how much money we can make, we should be worrying about how much time off we can have for all of us.  Instead of obeying dress codes that are set for us by employers, we should be telling employers that nobody is going to work for them if they don't stop being pains in the ass by telling us how to dress.  They'll get the message quickly if we all support each other.

Imagine the free time all of us can have if we don't have to worry about money.  If everything is free, we can certainly make all those goods and perform the services the same as we do right now but without the wasted time and energy of having to deal with money to serve the bankers.  If we stop using the bankers' system of paying money for everything we want or need, we can do whatever we want without their interference.  If someone creates a system of free energy, we just build it.  It takes some labor to do it and when it's done, it's all free for everyone to use, no monthly payments to some corporation.  The people who came up with the ideas and the people that did the building then get lots of time off for performing that service to the rest of us.

What if we educate three or four times as many people to become doctors?  There will be plenty of them to go around and they'll all have to work fewer hours to make us well.  We can get rid of all the useless stuff that doctors do like shooting mercury into us with vaccines and filling out forms for insurance companies.  Everyone wins except the greedy bankers.

We all want cars but we don't all need Porsches.  So, we build everyone cars, hopefully cars that run on free energy and we train a lot more mechanics to fix them instead of training stockbrokers to rob us.  Mechanics work fewer hours and the public likes them for fixing the cars instead of hating them for overcharging us.  Everyone wins again except the bankers.

If this sounds too good to be true, it isn't.  It's just your training within our idiotic system that makes you think ti's too good to be true.  We can do this and improve our lives immeasurably.  All it takes is changing the public's attitude.  NO MORE BANKERS.  Make bumper stickers, put up signs, share this attitude and start the revolution that we need to take our lives and our freedom back from the bankers.  Tell your friends.  Join the revolution, no guns needed!

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