Sunday, March 31, 2013

Save Amanda Baggs

I haven't thought about Amanda Baggs for awhile.  It's ironic that it seems she could now face death for the acting role she accepted to help the Medical Industry who poisoned our babies.  I mentioned recently about how I was asked if I had a Do Not Resuscitate order on my autistic son.  Nobody commented on that.  Now, here's another case of the Medical Industry deciding to kill someone because they believe she's autistic.

Would they still let her die if they knew what she really was, an actress who had her brain damaged by LSD?  Would they kill her if they knew that she helped thousands of people believe the lies from the Medical Industry that caused naive parents to believe autism was a gift from God and not malpractice by a bunch of arrogant assholes who call themselves doctors?  Maybe they'll kill her to bury some evidence of their deception.  They certainly have no problem with murdering unborn babies with flu shots.

If it will help, Ari Ne'eman and the rest of the Neuronitwits can refer the doctors to my blog that tells the whole story about Amanda's acting role.  Maybe seeing the truth about her will cause them to save her miserable life.


jonathan said...

Yes, I agree the whole thing is rather ironic.

Anonymous said...

SHE'S had long standing issues with stomach paralysis?? Really? She looked like she always weighed 300 lbs. to me and clearly ate just fine. What a fraud.