Friday, April 05, 2013

Update on Amanda Baggs. Still Seeking Attention

The last update I can find from yesterday lets us know that Amanda needed to use a bedpan and that the nurses are sick of the horribly obese and disgusting Laura Tisoncik hanging around.  Where's Sanjay Gupta and CNN when you need them?  How come they don't show Amanda being rolled like a beached whale onto her bedpan while fat Laura moans and complains to the nurses?  Somebody tell Dr Gupta to get this story on TV for us.


Socrates said...

How the hell does she put on so much weight, if she has so much trouble eating, she needs an hose pipe rammed down her throat?

Thermonuclear Malingering.

Roger Kulp said...

I'm disgusted by her too.I don't know if she's faking this whole thing,just like she's been faking her "autism".

A leading cause of gastroparesis is type 2 diabetes,and she certainly is fat enough for it.I also know gastroparesis can be due to certain types of mitochondrial disease that can also lead to obesity.But usually with mito,you are like I am,you start out as a child with failure to thrive,and you stay underweight and malnourished the rest of your life,from severe GI disease that never goes away.That is more like it.My bones are about a third smaller than they should be,and I have no real muscles in my arms and chest,all from growing up with a combination of GI and metabolic disease,probably mito.That plus cerebral folate deficiency syndrome is autism,and vaccines had nothing to do with it.

Wouln't it be both ironic and delicious,if someone like Baggs,who spent so many years shooting her big fat mouth off about how great her "autism" was,really did have something like a form of mito after all?

Anonymous said...

You people are disgusting. Even if her claims were fraudulent, she's dying and all you can do is make fat jokes.

Foresam said...

Haven't heard if she croaked or not. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure she's dying. Just like she is autistic. Who are the morons that fall for this woman? Well, except for Susan Senator-the queen of morons.

Anonymous said...

I guess she must not be dying afterall. And if you really want to read something sickening about this vile creature this Facebook entry by Diary Of A Mom- posted on Thursday- should do the trick. She's an utter fool to fall for this phony cow!

Diary of a Mom
Thursday via mobile.You know those moments when you read something that someone has written and you just stare at the words for a while, unable to move or even breathe because they are just so achingly familiar? Because they describe from the *inside* a process that you’ve watched time and time (and time) again from the outside? And that you’ve yearned to have a way to explain to other people who just didn’t – or don...’t – seem to get it but you just didn’t have the right words because, well, it’s hard to have the right words sometimes when you’re on the outside looking in, but then, then you see it right there in print from the inside out and you say, yes … THAT.

This ..

“They don’t realize that as they’re doing this they’re just throwing on more and more language to process. And that each time they ask a question, the message I get in my head is “Urgent, urgent, needs response, now need to figure out how to respond,” and I have to then backtrack and figure out what the question is if I don’t want to just give a random answer (I have a bunch of templates stored in my head for question types that have easy enough answers to randomly pull out to get people to stop asking them). And then halfway through my figuring it out it gets interrupted by another message of “Urgent! Urgent! Answer them!”

From Amanda Baggs, "How (not) to ask me Questions" - link in the first comment below.