Wednesday, November 06, 2013


DOMESTIC ENEMIES: Our country was infiltrated by subversive lawyers and bankers who took away our freedom a long time ago. The freedom you think you have today is pure bullshit. The government makes rules for us which is a violation of freedom. If we had freedom, we would never let a lawyer have anything to do with making rules for us to obey. Lawyers serve bankers to help the rich rob the rest of us. That's all they ever do. They're barred from our government by the original 13th amendment because, a long time ago, everyone knew that lawyers were the dregs of the Earth and they would not allow these lowlifes to force us to obey them through corrupt legislation. If we had freedom, we would have citizens who would not be the least bit concerned about opening their mouths and telling off every bribed, lying maggot in Congress and the White House. Instead, we have a country full of people who are scared of them and stupid enough to vote for them.

Can you see how attitudes were slowly manipulated over hundreds of years to where people now respect lawyers instead of looking at them with disdain? Why would any sane person respect a profession that exists to help the rich rob the poor? Why would any sane person vote for one of these thieves? Yet, we have almost 200 of these criminals serving in Congress illegally. Can you see that these criminals are your enemies? The military can arrest them any time they want. They have that authority but they don't recognize them as enemies either. The military has been "dumbed down" too. They need to be smartened up.

Sign this:
This is a lawful document, not a petition. It tells our government that we're not taking any more of their crap and that we the people are taking back control of our country. Please read the numbered bullet points that implement immediate fixes to the damage they did to our freedom. When enough people sign it, it becomes an order to our military to throw them out bodily.

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