Thursday, November 07, 2013

Your Oath Compels You to Act

The military is required to act against Congress and Obama and remove all of them from office. Everyone else who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution from domestic enemies is also required to act. This is no joke. That's what we were sworn to do.
It's just a matter of understanding that Congress and Obama are the enemy. Congress became our enemy 100 years ago when they allowed private bankers to establish the Federal Reserve and rob us by lending us our own money at interest. That's what the Fed does. If you took that oath and you don't understand this, you are shirking your duty by not asking questions so that you do understand it. I suggest watching the documentary by Bill Still, The Money Masters which you can find on Youtube.

Congress allowed US corporations to shift our jobs to Asia to increase their profits while causing massive unemployment here. That violated our right to work. How are all those unemployed people supposed to have life, liberty and happiness if Congress does nothing to stop American corporations from cutting our throats with cheap Chinese labor? It's an act of an enemy to the American people.
Congress allows the Medical industry to shoot mercury into our children before birth. They all know the damage this causes and they made laws to prevent us from suing the Medical industry. They cover up the fact that we can cure this brain damage. These are acts of an enemy.

They know who killed JFK. They know who planned 9/11. They know how banks rob us and they help them do it. These are all acts of an enemy. It's not Democrats or Republicans. It's both of them, combined to work against all of us. If you don't know this and you're sworn to defend the Constitution, you're violating your oath. You're not authorized to remain ignorant. You're supposed to pay attention to what these criminals are doing in Washington, D.C..

Sign this:

This is a lawful document, not a petition. It tells our government that we're not taking any more of their crap and that we the people are taking back control of our country. Please read the numbered bullet points that implement immediate fixes to the damage they did to our freedom. When enough people sign it, it becomes an order to our military to throw them out bodily.

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