Wednesday, November 22, 2006

George Bush, Eli Lilly, et al. Murder Another Autistic Child

A 12 year old boy was killed by his father in the Bronx yesterday. The father admits to the crime but he is also a victim.

Ulysses Stable was killed by the greedy profiteers who invented thimerosal and the corrupt politicians who are helping them to cover up their crime of negligence. George Bush has steadfastly refused, for years, to meet with Congressman Dan Burton to hold a White House conference on autism. George Bush knows the truth about autism but he will not admit it.

Eli Lilly caused the autism epidemic with its' preservative, thimerosal, that is used in childhood vaccines. They won't admit the truth either because it would cost them well over a trillion dollars if they did. They don't care if parents of autistic children reach their breaking points and kill their children. That won't affect their profits.

Sen Bill Frist has been well paid by the pharmaceutical industry to introduce legislation that lets them off the hook for poisoning babies. This despicable abuse of power also makes him look good to his colleagues in the Medical profession who stand to see their lofty reputations go down the toilet if it becomes common knowledge that their ignorance helped to cause the autism epidemic.
Doctors never bothered to check when more vaccines were added to the schedule or they would have known that they were injecting infants with about 200 times as much mercury as they know is safe.

Some other politician, I don't know who, added words into the Combatting Autism Act that could make the practice of chelation illegal. Chelation is the only proven method that can cure autism. That is how sick our government is. They would rather take money from the pharmaceutical industry to help them win lawsuits than to help children escape from the nightmare that is autism.

Autism is not the simple lack of communication and nerdy behavior that we hear about in the media. Autism is a 24 hour a day nightmare. These children have constant violent meltdowns, scream uncontrollably for hours, bash their heads through walls, bite themselves, bite others, tear out chunks of hair, smear feces all over the house and make any semblance of a normal life absolutely impossible. Parents can bring these inconsolable kids who are obviously in some pain to an Emergency Ward and be thrown out by doctors who simply say they won't treat autism. If they treated it and cured it, it would expose their malpractice.

One report I read claimed that a social worker was in touch with the father here frequently. I'll bet heavily that the social worker was not advising this father how to cure his son. Nobody knows that there is a cure for autism because the drug company ads that control the media prevent the public from learning about it.

The White House knows all about chelation and that it can cure autism. One might think our President would share this information with parents of suffering children. Naive people might even think that our President would want to do something to help these kids who suffer horribly every day of their lives. Those same naive people might also believe something that comes out of a politicians mouth while he's running for office. Students of politics know otherwise. Bush is not our President. Our President is whatever corporation contributed the most to his campaign. Unfortunately for autistic children, the companies who poisoned the kids have more money than their parents to buy a President.

If George Bush would have listened to Dan Burton some years ago and done something to help autistic children, Ulysses Stable might have been cured by now. His long suffering father would not have snapped and killed his son. If Eli Lilly had tested thimerosal for safety, Ulysses Stable probably would not have been autistic.

If Jose Stable is charged in this crime, Bush, Frist and the CEO of Eli Lilly should be charged as accessories. This death could have been avoided if our government was not open to the highest bidder.

Yesterday, another autistic child drowned. Five year old Daryl Gosein would probably still be alive and not autistic if George Bush and the CDC had banned thimerosal when it became public knowledge that they knew it had caused this epidemic. Instead, our President decided to murder this boy so his friends in the pharmaceutical industry could keep profits soaring. George Bush, baby killer.

I wonder if Bush will send Julie Gerberding to the funeral with a flag to say:"On behalf of a grateful nation, we salute you for sacrificing your son for profit."?


Anonymous said...

No arguments on this one.
You must be preaching to the converted.

dgdavis64 said...

Well said, John.
Only you forgot to add the word, "Another" after the word, Murder.

John Best said...

DG; Good point.

Jonsmum said...

You have a way with words.
Thankyou for telling it like it is.

John Best said...

I just found the information about the latest casualty of Bush's poisoning for profit campaign on Kristina Chew's blog. Did you know Chew uses the GF/CF diet? Will Leech throw her out of the Autism Hub for killing her son with this type of cure? It seems Chew is one more hypocrite from the Autism Hub of Insanity.

Jonsmum said...

Here is a post,(minus all the techncal details of how the Hub works), from Leitch's site where he has "set" a "ground rule" for any potential members;

"I’ve instigated a new project today that I’ve called Autism Hub.
The idea is very simple – to aggregate blog feeds regarding autism in one place. Its very difficult sometimes to extract meaningful information from the huge sea of data that comprises the Internet and there’s so much we’re in touch with now that we wish we had been when we first began this journey that it seemed a good idea to try and unify some of the pertinent content out there.

Obviously, my beliefs being what they are about autism, I’ve set a ground rule that all the blogs that form the Hub membership must adhere to the central concepts of a) respect for the condition of being autistic and b) not promote a ‘cure’ mentality. That doesn’t mean the blogs that form the Hub don’t discuss interventions such as speech therapy, PECS etc because some of them may well do.

In the meantime, go have a browse around – there’s about 14 members signed up so far. If you know of any blogs who you’d like to see added to the Hub or you yourself maintain an autism related blog you’d like to join, please let me know as per the instructions on the site.

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9 Responses to “Autism Hub”
David N. Andrews BA-status, PgCertSpEd (pending) : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Another for BC’s collection: MOLAR SHITE

I needed a laugh this morning :)

I like the Hub, incidentally…

elmindreda : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Hmm, what if the blog is mostly, but not exclusively, related to autism?

Kev : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

No problem – my own blog is a case in point :o)

Jemaleddin : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your work on this, Kev. This will be a great resource for those of us trying to stay informed about our children’s autism while steering clear of the “fix-my-kid” types.

Just curious, but could you change the feed to include either content summaries (first n words) or full entries? Pretty please?

Kev : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi Jemaleddin, glad you like it :o)

You’re right I should do those things but I’m afraid that I have two technical issues to overcome. Firstly, the feeds are fetched by a script run by a Cron job on the server and I want to keep a close eye on it for awhile so I can see how much it affects the processing.

Secondly, I’m not sure how popular this will become. If it become really popular than the bandwidth costs of fetching the whole feed might be prohibative.

Basically, I’m ruling nothing out – I just want to monitor how its going for awhile :o)

Jemaleddin : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Point well taken – keep up the good work.

Estee : 9 months, 2 weeks ago

It’s a great idea!! There is so much of that “other” information out there, as you said…info that purports to cure autism. Ugh.

Thanks for being an instigator :)


Joseph Mele : 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi kev

looks good

when are you going to add my blog?

Kev : 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi Joe :o)

Did you meail me? Sorry, it must’ve slipped my mind.Can you mail me again with the details?

Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.

Why didn't Kev set his "ground rule" and state,

"Anyone who agrees with the central concepts of a) respect for the condition of being autistic and b) not promote a 'cure' mentallity, are invited to join.

"Hub membership must adhere to the central concepts of"

Why does the word 'dictator' come to mind.

Anonymous said...

John, do you think if this bloke hadn't die the neurodiversity terroristcell might have offered him a room amongst the scapegoats?

Jonsmum said...

Here is an exerpt from a report on "VACCINE DANGERS AND VESTED INTERESTS";

"A retired vaccine researcher goes public on what the pharmaceutical industry and the health authorities don't want us to know: that vaccines are unsafe, untested and one of the greatest frauds of our time."

"Burden of proof and the need for studies on vaccine safety"

Q: "What is one thing you want the public to understand?
A: That the burden of proof in establishing the safety and efficacy of vaccines is on the people who manufacture and license them for public use. Just that. The burden of proof is not on you or me. And for proof you need well-designed, long-term studies. You need extensive follow-up. You need to interview mothers and pay attention to what mothers say about their babies and what happens to them after vaccination. You need all these things—the things that are not there.
Q: The things that are not there.
A: Yes.
Q: To avoid any confusion, I'd like you to review, once more, the disease problems that vaccines can cause—which diseases, how that happens...
A: We are basically talking about two potential, harmful outcomes. One, the person gets the disease from the vaccine. He gets the disease which the vaccine is supposed to protect him from, because some version of the disease is in the vaccine to begin with. Or two, he doesn't get that disease, but at some later time, maybe right away, maybe not, he develops another condition which is caused by the vaccine. That condition could be autism—what's called autism—or it could be some other disease like meningitis. He could become mentally disabled."

dgdavis64 said...

Hi John,
I wonder if this is the same boy who is listed in the Vaccine Injury case here:

[Federal Register: August 8, 2005 (Volume 70, Number 151)]
[Page 45724-45733]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []


Health Resources and Services Administration

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program; List of Petitions

AGENCY: Health Resources and Services Administration, HHS.

ACTION: Notice.

442. Wendy Kumar and Kishore Gosein on behalf of Daryl Gosein,
Somers Point, New Jersey, Court of Federal Claims Number 05-0401V.

I couldn't find anything else on this boy. I'm assuming he got out of his house and drowned in a nearby body of water?

Yes, George has lots of blood on his hands. Talk about the "axis of evil," right here in the USA.

John Best said...

"a) respect for the condition of being autistic and b) not promote a ‘cure’ mentality."
This seems to mean that anyone using a GF/CF diet must hate their autistic child by trying to change them into a different person.
Kev should also throw himself out of the Hub after stating he would try to cure his kid if she requests a cure. That's true hypocrisy. But, if she drowns while he's waiting for her to ask that question, he'll still be able to claim he didn't kill her by curing her. He'll be able to state, unequivocally that he killed her by not curing her.

Jonsmum said...

I wonder how many autistic children have died as a result of an accident that never would have happened, had they not been autistic?

Anonymous said...

Ouch that hurt.
*blushes with embarrassment*

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

Jonsmum said...


"A retired vaccine researcher goes public on what the pharmaceutical industry and health authorities don't want us to know: that vaccines are unsafe, untested and one of the greatests frauds of out time."

Anonymous said...

Great post, John. You are 100% correct. May these bastards rot in hell...

Jonsmum said...

Hisory is repeating itself on Leitch's site.

"Donna", in a reasonable and inoffensive manner, has questioned Kev/Autism Hub.
Here is her first and last comments, so far.


"Donna : 2 days, 2 hours ago

After a year in which Ulysses is the sixth autistic child to be killed by a loved one, I can no longer even summon up the rage I felt after Katie’s death, after Marcus’ death, after Christopher’s death, after Ryan’s death, after William’s death. All I have left is a deep sadness and pity for these children.

Perhaps use your blog with what is wrong in the system….?

A teenager gets pregnant, has the baby, can go to any hospital (U.S.) or police station (U.S.)and give unwanted baby with no questions asked.

Perhaps something like this policy needs to be in place for a parent overwhelmed and in crisis mode with an autistic child?

Do have a question for you? Why does the autism hub not equally post on the autistic deaths from drowning, or crossing the street….you know the autistic deaths every year because an autistic child wanders off into a dangerous situation? Why no outrage or blogs on the autism hub for the autistic children we can’t somehow mangage to keep alive to begin to teach them life skills this year?

Does not the autism hub care about these deaths? Or is death only important a topic when a family member is involved?"

Of course she was predictabley called a troll, for arguing a valid point.

"Donna : 1 hour, 13 minutes ago

Yes, other solutions are available – who doesn’t know this?

Autistic children! Your’s and my daughter’s peers! Their PEERS who are DEAD.

Justify anyway you want how you determine what type of autistic death is worth your blogging about. Justify that your outrage is the most important content to your blogging.

And 50 or so words from you everytime you blog about an autistic murdered child and reiterating over and over and over, as many times as it takes, to get it out there, is that there are other solutions, is asking to much from you.

Your OUTRAGE over their deaths by a family member is the CONTENT you CHOOSE to make most IMPORTANT!

And asking one blogger, the owner of this site to boot, to type an additional few words is apparently asking too much every time he blogs his outrage on whatever death he feels to be worthy of writing about.

Autistic children don’t know! Yet they are the ones who die.

50 or so words from you is asking for the moon. Your part of the problem.

Here endth the lesson."

Regarless of any differences of opinion on biomedical treatments, mercury or vaccines etc, Donna has raised a very important issue with Kevin Leitch.
She's probably on the 'banned' list now.
I wonder if she had "Hub Blogger" next to her comments, would they have given her and her views a little more respect?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Diva's post on Leitch's collapsing blog. She wrote:

One thing I think should be pointed out is that SOME certainly not all but SOME “accidental” deaths are probably parents deliberately not watching their children in the hopes that the child will die.

So, your kid runs off into traffic and gets hit by a car and it's your fault because you want your child dead. Your kid drowns in a pool because of his/her fascination with water and it's your fault because obviously you want your child to die. Your child wanders off and gets lost in the woods but of course, you must be a mercury parent so obviously you don't care because you are thrilled that your kid is dead.

The Diva is such a moron...

John Best said...

MS Diva has to rationalize herself deliberately refusing to help her own kid as she watches her or him rot in the abyss of autism. She tries to transfer this act of negligence to sane parents to make herself feel like a reasonable person.
It's hard to tell if she suffers from psychosis or stupidity.

John Best said...

Jonsmum; The only reason the Autism Hub of Insanity exists is to discredit sane parents who help their children. Leech will clutch at any straw in his delirious attempts to accomplish this. When his daughter has to be institutionalized, he might wake up.

Jonsmum said...


Yes I saw Diva's comments.

"I remember reading about a three year old who the police found wandering a few blocks from home in the middle of an intersection… at the time I wondered if the mom had let the kid out of the house and didn’t go looking for him, deliberately.

Again, this is not to say that all children who drown are dead because their parents wanted it that way."

What a piece of work!

Jonsmum said...

I wonder if anyone who has joined the Hub has had second thoughts or changed their minds, but feel under pressure not to leave.
Perhaps afraid of offending Kev Leitch, or worried that they may be publicly perceived to have a fundamental disagreement with elements of the Hub's "ground rules" or "central concepts".

I also wonder if anyone has actually left the Hub who's blogs/names are still on the Hub's list of members.

John Best said...

Jonsmum; I think you can sort them into categories. You have some autistic people who merely want respect and acceptance. You have some severely deranged autistics like Dawson, Baggs and Diva. Some severely deranged parents like Leech, Seidel and NM. Then you have some daffy mothers like Mom26, Soapbox Mom, the belly dancer whose name I can't recall and Chew who just think everything's wonderful and one mangy mutt named Susan who is the dumbest person on the face of the Earth who always has comment moderation on and never publishes comments.
I don't think any of them are smart enough to want to leave.

Anonymous said...

If I met one of those crazy freako parents on the street I would pick a fight. They say the meanest, most untrue things about so many parents. It's starting to get personal. I carry things in my car on with me everywhere I go incase of an attacker and would be quick to say "F U" and rumble until we tumble. I'm so sick of those losers.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Estee Klar. I'm not sure if you would classify her under the "seriously deranged" category or the "daffy mother" category. She really falls under both it seems.

The wacked out belly dancer is Susan Senator. She seems to fall under both also.

John Best said...

Anon; I didn't forget Estee. She has her own category, Scumbag. I did a post on her a while back.

Anonymous said...

Klar recently posted that she just had to "get away" again. She seems to go on trips often for a much needed break. What does she need a break from? She doesn't seem to do a lot, especially with her kid. Same think with Senator. She actually walked out on her family last summer for a weekend. What losers.

John Best said...

Anon; Wasn't Estee, Klar-Wolfhound. Does that mean she got booted by her husband and dropped the Wolfhound? Maybe autism isn't that much of a celebration for single moms.

Anonymous said...

Estee seems to keep experimenting with her image. Dropping one of her names seems to be the latest. Her image is, afterall, the most important thing. She's such a phoney.

Anonymous said...

Must be alot easier to accept autism when you can "walk away" from it. Most parents I know don't have that luxury.

Anonymous said...

Investors watch Eli Lilly shares drop $2.80 post election.


Daniel Haszard~Zyprexa caused my diabetes

Anonymous said...

Eli Lilly is the worst of the worst. Nothing surprises me with them.

John Best said...

Dan H; I hope you beat the bastards.

Anonymous said...

For the record~
Kristina Chew's son is literally allergic to gluten products, if you have truly bothered to read he entire blog, you would know that.

God forgive me the day my child would find out that I thought they were broken and needed fixed per your "cure crusade".

Third~ Reading the "cure crusade" comments, I now realize there is a reason I don't hang with that group. Gee, it must make you feel so much bigger to make fun of people and ridicule tham.

Fourth~ Grow up. It is so elementary to talk about people behind their back. Don't worry though, I have yours, as I am on my knee's praying for you now.

John Best said...

Anon; Chew's blog is mostly about what her kid does every day. If she figured out he's allergic to gluten, she's one of us "curebies" by the fact that she's helping her son. I don't see why she hangs out with morons who think helping children is a bad thing.
What will you do if your kid is bit by a rattlesnake? Will you celebrate the difference or help him? You're too damn stupid for words.
Don't pray for me. God doesn't listen to assholes who harm children by taking the same position as the drug companies who poisoned the kids.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"For the record~
Kristina Chew's son is literally allergic to gluten products, if you have truly bothered to read he entire blog, you would know that.

God forgive me the day my child would find out that I thought they were broken and needed fixed per your "cure crusade".

Third~ Reading the "cure crusade" comments, I now realize there is a reason I don't hang with that group. Gee, it must make you feel so much bigger to make fun of people and ridicule tham.

Fourth~ Grow up. It is so elementary to talk about people behind their back. Don't worry though, I have yours, as I am on my knee's praying for you now."

First~ then Chew's kid is no different than the other autistic kids out there who have gluten intollerance that the ND's accuse parents of being "curbies" for addressing.

Second~ You don't need to worry about GOD worry about will your kid forgive you for not helping them.

Third~ much worse has been said about us "curbies" by the ND's I assure you.

Fourth~ You are the one who needs prayers. Don't waste our breath on us we are just fine.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day there will be a cure for denial.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry that John best parents did not love him, He is lying when he says he hates Autism the person he hate's is himself. The person who needs curing is John best so i am sending you my love John best and i am so sorry that you were not loved by your parents it time to move on and just acept that your parents never loved you am so sorry that you father was such a control feak and you mother never gave you the attention you wanted it not your fault John they just could not love you for the person you are and that a lovely Autistic person who is very scared you must feel face you fear of rejection. Please trust me John. When your parents did not love you, you choose not love yourself. please stop yourself hate. I love you John just as your are, you are a lovely Autistic person you don't need to carry on fighting with yourself anymore the person you are angry with is youself , it is not your fault, i forgive you, so please forgive yourself

Anonymous said...

"Hating Autism "
"This blog exists to speak the truth about Autism which is really mercury poisoning. The more people who know the truth, the closer we will be to wiping out this man-made epidemic."

This sounds like a parody of curebies, or at least a hate site. Sheez. And the name "Hating Autism"? I guess this is a hate site, then....*sigh*.

Accept us as we are. Serously. The difference between autism and mercury poisoning, the main difference, is that one's deadly and one's not. Then there are a bunch of other differences.

I tihnk that conspiracy theory is bullshite made up by Generation Rescue-type curebies, personally. I also want to point out that mercury has been heavily used in medical treatment for years before the "autism epidemic" supposedly began ( ), so it's nothing new.

Diagnosing autism has just improved. It's not vaccines, unless of course you want your kids to get measles, mumps, and rubella.