Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freedom of Speech


dgdavis said...

Hi John,
I suppose I don't qualify to have "Freedom of Speech." Boo Hoo :~(

Here is the winner in the "Craziest Thing That Happened Today" category:

From: TLPG
To: dgdavis64
Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:53 am
Subject: WARNING!
From Hating Autism;
I'm still waiting for my latest stalker, Phil what's his face, "Timelord" to
post a new thread on the AS forum to refute the facts. He's too busy following me to
AutismWeb and making a ridiculous pest of himself there.

This comment is to be deleted instantly due to it's slanderous nature per the bolded
parts. They are both absolutely flagrant lies and can not under any circumstances be

If you do not remove it by Saturday February 14 I will be taking the matter up legally.
This is your only warning.

The REAL Timelord.

The "Timelord" on this forum is Foresam from the Hating Autism blog.

It must be really nice to have so much free time, maybe a knitting or ceramic class would be more productive.

Foresam said...

Phil Gluyas doesn't understand freedom of speech. The lunatic tried to sue me for making fun of him when he was drooling over a 15 year old girl a couple of years ago.

Do you know if Phil's wife was changed from a man to a woman before or after he married her?

Timelord said...

Best you've already been told that my wife was born female.

And now that you know about the warning, take Davis's post down because that is slander (I mean the one in which she accuses me of stalking, not the one on this thread - the "Illuminati orders Obama" one).

Freedom of speech is a myth. Because this idiot on You Tube is abusing the crap out of it. I've reported the first video for hate speech.

dgdavis said...

Oh my gosh John, you mean someone really married him? I thought you were just kidding. Now I have to split my pity for him with his poor wife!

Foresam said...

One can only imagine how screwed up that woman must be to have married a wacko like Phil.

seshadri said...

Hi Diane and John,
How are you guys. I been ignoring the political threads on this blog, till I decided to see if any had comments.
Anyway we got OSR for kiddo, 5 days into it, he stopped repeating things 40 times, Its down to a decent 3-4 times when excited and ~2 on average when not. OSR seems to make him tired and sleepy at times, as well as a wee bit more cranky at times. However no other side effects. I only hope its effective, we can take it forever if he had to. Language and other things are all progressing well, though no sudden expansion due to OSR as of yet. He used to have 3 modes. Retard, normal and what I call princely grace. The first has not changed much, the second has shrunk and the third has expanded a lot. Again not sure if OSR did it though its coincided with the OSR start date.
I am almost sure by the time he;s 8-9 we'll lose his label and most importanly we will probably move to a place where we will not have to tell people he was ever autistic. Too many kids in our neighborhood have called him weird, they prolly call me weird too, but I'll ignore it and laugh at them.

dgdavis said...

Hi Srinath! So good to e-see you.
Thanks for the update on your kiddo! We're doing the OSR as well and I'm doing more chelation rounds to get the last of the mercury out of ds. DD is done and she's lost her Asperger's dx. Her current dx is sensory integration disorder. She is reading above grade level and is doing a lot of above grade level work in first grade. She's a brainiac and loves to read. DS is doing great and still making language and communication gains. I'm sure if I had not chelated him, he would've remained an apraxic non-verbal kid for the rest of his life. Be careful of the OSR, I'm sure you know it can cause constipation! Hahaha, just keep the plumbing flowing and it's great! I talked to Sasha and Crystal the other night. All are doing great and she told me to tell everyone "Hi." Keep us updated on your little one, I'm so glad to hear he's doing so well!!