Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kotka, Finland's David Andrews Discusses Autism

David Andrews, psychologist, had this to say when asked about a recent court ruling about autism. This is a man who works as an educational psychologist with children in Kotka, Finland. I wonder if he uses the same language when working with the children.

7:54 PM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
Mint, abfh! Totally mint!
JBJr's not gonna be a happy bunny but fuck him and his idiot friends!

Here, Amdrews offers an opinion on President Obama
11:07 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
He is a racist bastard! LoL

Here is Andrews opinion upon learning how to cure autism.
3:40 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
"You are one fucked up individual."
We can see from this that Andrews can't understand the science involved here.

Next, Amdrews talks about his relationship with his daughter:9:42 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
As for the intluence I am on my daughter, I have a letter from an eminent child psychologist in the UK, who testifies to the fact that my ex-wife and I are...fucking cruel and disgusting.

Here we see how Andrews advises a parent of an autistic child on financial matters
8:51 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
You dopey old chavvy sod!

More professional advice from the psychologist, Andrews.4:59 PM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

But you manage to fuck so much up purely because of your being a total arsehole, and that's the sad thing! You talk so much bollocks that you can't be taken seriously. So get the fuck over it and start thinking properly.

Here is Andrews responding to another question about how to treat autism.
6:59 PM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
Fucking Norah, Prepuce!!! Is that really the best you can do? Even when someone tells you that you actually make at least something of a good point? Fucking hell fire - you're a lousy bollocks, aren't you?

This is how Andrews tries to help people who were abused as children:
3:18 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
Who can win with a fucking crybaby like you? And - quite frankly - have you ever had a fucking beating you did not deserve? All those beatings with rosaries that you claimed the nuns used to give you... you know why? Because you fucking deserved every one of them, Prepuce!

An example of how Andrews treats senior citizens: 8:51 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
Holy Shitting Jesus!!!! The Ugly Chav Git-Wizzard is back... and he's forgotten to put his teeth in!
I've already published on that elsewhere. Not that you'd understand it, UglyChavGit-Wizzard. Beyond your ability to understand.

1:44 PM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
Ugly Twat
Bullshit, you ignorant tosser. It's not whether I can prove they don't exist: you make the claim, you prove the claim! If you can't prove the claim, you can't make the claim stick. What bit of basi logic do you not get, you brain-dead arsehole?

10:14 AM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
The Fuck-Ugly Chavvy Git-Wizzard speaks Not to me it isn't. Smearing shit is not a sign of being autistic.
LoL - you're just fucking jealous, you crozzled old ugly shit.

4:25 PM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
SHUT THE FUCK UP! You're getting monotonous.

Andrews' scholarly opinion on the autism epidemic:
5:53 PM
David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...
What fucking epidemic???? LoL
There is no fucking epidemic!!!
Don't be so fucking alarmist and so bleeding stupid! Holy fucking bollocks!
I couldn't gave a dead rat's fucking crozzled-up bollock what you do or don't give a fuck about, you idiot! HAVEN'T YOU SUSSED THAT OUT YET????
Want me to believe that? Okay ... go on... fucking PROVE IT!
That, else shut the fuck up!
But I agree... basically, he should...shut the fuck up, and piss off.

From this, we can only hope most psychologists from Finland are slightly better educated than Mr Andrews. It doesn't seem very professional for psychologists to be ranting like this on blogs that are run by sadists who favor abusing disabled children.


jonathan said...

i think "latrine lips" andrews has been misdiagnosed with autism and may instead have tourette's syndrome with all that coprolalia (swearing ,literally shit talk). If profanity were done away with it would cut his vocabulary in half. You are flattering this nonentity by even calling him a psychologist, which would imply that he has a doctorate. He could not cut it most likely in a doctoral program, so he could only obtain a masters degree, so not sure i would consider him a psychologist. Someone with a doctorate is certainly better educated than he is.

He is an internet bully he just likes to harass any autistic persons like me who don't agree with him.

Ender said...

The U.S. Courts seem to disagree with you too, oh well.

Foresam said...

Those Knagaroo Courts don't have judges or juries. They're just a waste of time and the special masters are HHS employees. Their decisions were beyond absurd and don't prove anything.

Foresam said...

I think he said he works with kids now. That's a scary thought having this nutcase near children.

Anonymous said...

The latest nonsense about vaccines doing no harm is just more lies, damned lies and statistics.

As for Andrews, he even looks like a psycho. His pics are scary.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising in the least.

You have to remember that the vast majority of "Neurodiversity' are individuals who are in fact riddled with profound mental illnesses (ranging most commonly from personality disorders to sociopathic) which they seek to avoid (along with the associated stigma these illness carry) by escapism, pretending to be 'autistic'

Andrews has simply demonstrated the nature of his true underlying issues.

Jonathan, your recent post about the use of a particular type of room with 'special needs' children was particularly timely and ironic

Maybe when these idiots such as 'Andrews' (who has now openly sunk himself as low as Kassiane Sibley, Donna Williams, Amanda Baggs and the rest of this cast of cretins who thought they were getting away with something) find themselves right back in the very padded cells' they sought to escape which is right where they belong, perhaps feigning Autism will cease to be quite such a rewarding good time.

dgdavis said...

Yes. The court had to concede the Poling case since they knew if the facts of what happened to Hannah were discussed in open court, there's no way they would be able to deny what happened to the kids in the other cases. It's a big sham all the way around and none of us would've even ever heard of Hannah if her family hadn't come forward and given up their privacy. Our government is more corrupt than ever and we can expect the other cases to have the same result since Hannah's was a perfect slam dunk. When autopsies can be ruled "inconclusive" as to the cause of death regarding adverse vaccine reactions but the CDC and everyone else can pinpoint all those measles deaths with surprising clarity, yeah, we're just all so stupid, we don't know any better. And now here comes (Pr)Offit suggesting that parental vaccine waivers be repealed because parents liberty should come second to the public health. Hey Offit, what have you done about the spread of HIV? You think the positive people should be given Lupron in order to stop the spread? I mean, we can't have people going around having sex and spreading HIV can we? Public health comes before civil liberties right?