Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Message to the Military, Domestic Enemies

According to New Hampshire HCR 6 and similar resolutions in 25 other states, the Federal Government of the USA has usurped the rights of the states in virtually every area of the Constitution. This government is completely corrupt and has become a hazard to all citizens.

In the case of autism, HHS has no right to preside over cases of vaccine poisoning that cause autism and a myriad of other neurological disorders. This is a case that needs to be decided within the states. For HHS to usurp this power from the states is a violation of the Constitution. States, not the federal government thus have the power to order a ban on thimerosal individually. States where thimerosal is manufactured have the power, separate from the Federal government to shut down these plants. States have the power to arrest the manufacturers of vaccines for poisoning babies and try them with no interference from the Federal government. According to the 10th Amendment, the Federal government has no authority whatsoever to make any ruling in this case. Poisoning children is not a crime that they were given Constitutional authority over.

Make no mistake, vaccines with thimerosal are poison and the Federal government are the ones who gave us this information in 1999. Our elected officials have been bribed heavily to allow this poisoning to continue. Allowing this poisoning to continue is a crime and the whole of Congress should be arrested and prosecuted for it at state level with a jury. The sham of vaccine court is an unconstitutional farce for which the Federal government had no authority whatsoever. The States never gave that power to the Federal government. Congress, in creating this farcical endeavor, superseded the powers of the States. By ruling that a Statute of Limitations could be placed on lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers, Congress has also overstepped their boundaries as no such authority has ever been given to Congress by the States. Therefore, all autism cases decided by the vaccine kangaroo court are Constitutionally null and void since the authority to decide those cases never existed outside of the States. Constitutionally, no Statute of Limitations exists since the authority to make that law never existed.

When vaccine manufacturers and the CDC decided at Simpsonwood that babies had been poisoned by thimerosal and then decided to continue causing harm, they committed a crime. This crime needs to be prosecuted at States level. Each of the 51 attendees at Simpsonwood should be arrested by State authorities and prosecuted. Interference by any Federal employees, including elected officials, should be dealt with by charging them with complicity in this crime. States, not the Federal government, have the only authority to end this abuse of the citizens by vaccine manufacturers.

The military has an obligation to protect the citizens of the States from the enemies of the citizens who have usurped that power in Washington DC. Military leaders need to weigh the facts about how thimerosal has poisoned children and be prepared to force an end to this crime by whatever means are needed. If it means aiming missiles at the White House and the Capitol building, our Generals and Admirals must become fully cognizant of this crime of how the vaccine manufacturers are routinely poisoning children and they must take action to stop it. While the military may take orders from the President and Congress, they owe their allegiance to the people. When the President and Congress have become obvious enemies by allowing babies to be poisoned into horrors like autism, and it has been known for ten long years, our States and our Military are obliged to the People to end this crime by whatever means are necessary.


seshadri said...

They are busy cutting school budgets by the million/billions. They could save big $ on the special education programs if only they cure autism.
We should write to Obama about it.
Now I have no other place to post it so I hope the readers of this start thinking along these lines. I am writing Kay Hagan and char meck schools supe gordon.

Foresam said...

All of the jackasses who make their living babysitting our kids in school are opposed to curing them. I wonder why?

seshadri said...

But they now are cutting those out to save costs.
Heck they even have funding cuts for vaccines ... gee that would be so sad now ... wont it ... yea ... So sad. So sad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful response,
given by a US Marine


Anonymous said...

I have a problem viewing the link you posted. What should I type in search once I get to youtube.com