Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How Age of Autism Rips Off Parents of Autistic Kids

Since I have now heard about three mothers of children with autism who Dr Andrew Moulden has robbed by taking their money for a DVD that he never sent, I should share this email from someone and Kim Stagliano that I received last October where they were gloating about having been a part of a con job to entice me to promote Dr Moulden and his bullshit.

Age of Autism has never mentioned Dr Moulden but the gloating from these two idiotic women clearly shows that they had something to do with the Moulden nonsense. Perhaps they would explain their involvement to the parents who were robbed. This theft does not make the Age of Autism look very reputable since they obviously have some connection to Dr Moulden. Here's an appraisal of AOA's founding organization that has some valid points to make.

Update: 4/8/09 I learned that one person finally got the DVD they paid for, and their money back. Turns out the DVD was described as garbage.

To : bettwice33@juno.com

Subject : from re: Dr. Moulden and AOA

Date : Tue, Oct 14, 2008 12:44 PM

Please ask Dr. Moulden to get directly in touch with Kim and/or Ken regarding his work,Â
and I hope he will include everything below (modified for them rather than Cutler, of course.)
I contacted Kim last night about my desire to see an article about him in AOA, and she wrote back:
Hi – I’m hearing about him everywhere. He was in my COUPON BOOK in my mailbox on Saturday! He’s making a real push for getting his word out. I’d be happy to review any stories that come into me – from Dr. Moulden would be best, as long as it’s not an ad per se.  Worth watching.

Anyway, the information for submissions is here:
Kim's e-mail is included in the page. I'm sure you'll emphasize to him how important it is that a story
about his work appear in AOA. Their circulation has really jumped, and it's really the "go to" blog
for people dealing with autism. One thing I'm missing in all this is description of his treatment,
and results he's had. He makes references to it, but I'm not clear on what it is. Thanks,

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