Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Follows Hitler's Lead

The bill to introduce the Hitler Youth Movement to the USA was passed by the House. With the Mandatory National Service Bill poised to conscript 6th grade students into government servitude, our corrupt politicians are ready to teach our children anti-American principles.

While the propaganda wizards in our government try to pawn this off on us as some spirit of America, volunteerism garbage, the overall effect on our children is to teach them that they serve our government and not the other way around.

Let me remind you, Mr Obama, and all of you other ass kissing weasels in Washington DC, you work for us. Don't forget that.

You are not going to take my 11 year old son and force him to do anything. This is the USA, not some dictatorship, and my sons will be taught to think for themselves. They will not be taught to obey any form of government. They will not be ordered to serve any government. They will be taught that your corrupt government needs to be overthrown for you have violated the Constitution of my country.

This is my country Mr Obama. You will serve me and the 300 million+ Americans who allow you to obey our orders. If you disobey us, we will replace you.

Take your National Servitude Hitler Youth Bill and shove it up your ass.


Anonymous said...

My children will be taken over my dead body and the dead bodies of many others. This is my country too. OUR COUNTRY!!!! I will never allow brainwashing to occur to our youth.
100% agree with this post.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I already "fell" for the vaccine thing eight years ago. Fool me once...

LA Woman said...

I am 100% behind you on this one: they will not take my son. If they want volunteerism: I'd rather go myself than let them take my only son. Peru is looking better and better everyday. sigh

Srinath said...

I doubt they will take autistic kids. A whole new form of discrimination but your fear will not come to pass. As for the rest, yes we are rapidly approching the moniker "Union of socialist states of america. USSA. Rolls off the tounge doesn't it. Right under that banner Welcome to the USSA, we need to hand a foot note, autistics not welcome. we do not recognize them, we do not hear them and we do not treat them.

Anonymous said...

Srinath said
"I doubt they will take autistic kids."

Yes those dysfunctional, crippled by Autistic Disorder will be "spared" (that is, if you consider being so crippled as simple collateral damage to begin with any sort of being 'spared' anything)

but if you look at the desired profile of the military and especially the CIA, FBI, etc, people with Asperger's Syndrome would actually be the preferred lot over the general population

Already 'loners' with little to no meaningful human relationships, with their 'special interests' that can often be molded to military matters and with their already over-developed selfish 'me-first' survivalist natures, lacking in empathy, yet longing to belong to something, anything, and at whatever cost to anyone else just in order to do so

You may find yourself at the wrong end of a gun held by one who's already mad at the world, now
one who's just "following the rules" (especially when to do so is to provide unfair advantage/benefit to said "Aspie")

Parents and the disabled (and everybody else) can expect to find themselves one day in the crosshairs of such an Aspie (maybe their very own Asperger child),

an army of Choes, etc

Only this time openly government sponsored & sanctioned

and if its one of the Neurodiversity bent you will most likely find them eagerly volunteering and at the front of the line to be the first to sign up.

Foresam said...

Thank you, you summed it up perfectly. Poisoning our youth has the government well set up to have mindless idiots obey unlawful orders.

Masked Liberal Evangelist said...

Hi, I'm a liberal troll/special ed teacher who agrees with some of the Obama volunteerism rhetoric, although I doubt it will ever be enacted. It's not Marxist brain washing or slavery,as other hysterical bloggers are claiming. When I taught in San Francisco and Chicago, I had my transition age students volunteer at non profits (mostly food banks.) For kids with autism and other disabilities, going out into the community and getting the opportunity to sample real jobs is a sign of a good program.