Monday, March 09, 2009

The Joy of Autism

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Xiannah said...

...Y'know, I acted like that. When I couldn't speak and people treated me like an imbecile instead of helping me find another way to communicate. When people, assuming I was incapable of understanding, spoke of what a dreadful burden I was and how everyone would be better off if I were dead. When I tried to comply with their spoken wishes and commit suicide, but of course I didn't have the comprehension to make such a decision, now did I?

How 'bout showing some clips of autistic people acting like PEOPLE?

Foresam said...

If you are capable of acting more normally, you probably don't have autism. Most autistic children have no control over their actions since they are total wrecks mentally.

Someday, with treatment, you may recover from being mentally deranged yourself.

Anonymous said...

Xiannah--there is no way you went from (claiming) to be as severe as the children in these clips to being the person here who can write a comment like this and express yourself perfectly fine. You're a goddamn liar and you do nothing to help kids who truly do have to live with severe autism.

I am fed up with adults or parents of kids claiming that they are autistic yet they talk perfectly fine, behave perfectly fine, are pretty much at grade level and so on. These parents and adults should just shut their traps and quit trying to suck off the system.

Xiannah said...

Or just perhaps I'm everything I claimed. Perhaps I'm still incapable of speech, but can communicate through type just fine. Perhaps I want a cure just as much as you do, because I'm tired of being a burden, but I've come to like enough of myself that I don't want to die anymore. I only object to these dehumanizing videos. I've been treated as subhuman my entire life because of my diagnosis. Maybe if someone actually showed something other than the absolute worst of autism, people might see that we ARE human and worth fucking saving?

I thought you were reasonable. Fuck you.

Foresam said...

Hardly anyone shows the worst of autism. We need to see a lot more of it so everyone appreciates the horror of it.

If you want to save yourself, then do so, cure yourself and be free of the autism.