Monday, March 16, 2009

The Obama Deception and Autism

Kathleen Sibelius, the new head of Health and Human Services, has been linked with the Bilderberger group that Alex Jones talks about in his video. JFK warned us about the Bilderberger group and that is the reason he was killed. To fully understand why autism is still being caused intentionally and why our government will not help anyone cure it, you need to understand the words of JFK and the update that is provided by Alex Jones.


Anonymous said...

The Obama Deception video is quite long. I went to youtube. The video hit 55411 views and 1293 comments as of now.

Webster Tarpley, author and historian looks very serious man.

Thank you for posting.

Jack said...

Isn't JFK talking about Communism in that clip, not the Bilderbergers?

Anonymous said...

Communism, collective State same thing.

Foresam said...

In the early sixties, we still had air raid sirens going off where we had to hide under our desks in school as part of the drill. There was nothing secret about Communism, Joe McCarthy and all of that crap. If he was talking about Communism, he would have said so.

Anonymous said...

According to Webster Tarpley Kennedy did not want to be a puppet of the Elite group.

Anonymous said...

One commenter at Youtube made good point.

"The Elitists want the economy to fail to further enslave us through depression and introducing a new currency. The best currency for absolute control would be digital, because hard currency is so difficult to track. If you were to combine ID/Bank Accounts/etc into a single card with chip(GPS-global positioning system , RFID-radio-frequency identification and microchip ) all you 'd have to do to cut someone off from society is turn off their chip. Then no ID, no money."

Anonymous said...

the anon above is quite correct.

While they don't have GPS tracking devices and the other gizmo's mentioned just yet (at least to this anon's knowledge),

In most states (with completely digital-only food/income allotments contained and existing only on cards/accounts), for years they've already put this into practice on the low-income/disabled in the US.

Anonymous said...

The sign of the beast. 666

Anonymous said...

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Anon A