Thursday, March 12, 2009

Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2009

Here is a lovely video of wealthy folks who put on a good act to pretend they are doing something to help people with autism. They tell you right up front that they are lying to you when their website states that there is no medical test or cure for autism. We have known how to cure autism since 2000.

The liars you see in this video are professionals. They are playing a con on the public by making it look like they are doing something useful with their "autism awareness" campaign. Here's how the scam works. They drag out some royalty and some beautiful people to act concerned about horribly disabled kids while they make the video. This helps make the public think that the money they give to these swindlers will go to helping autistic kids. It doesn't. The money goes first to the salaries for the highly paid con artists who prey on your sympathies. The rest goes to genetic research that will someday lie to you about a mythical autism gene that they will claim to have found. An example of this dishonest research is here.

These people of power control the media so when they tell everyone that no cure for autism exists, people believe it. Part of the reason they don't want you to know that a cure exists is because some of these people own plants that manufacture the drug that causes autism, thimerosal. So, if you cure your autistic kid by removing the thimerosasl from the kid's brain, it proves the guilt of these people who are making you think that they are doing something good for kids with autism. Nice scam, huh, cause the autism via vaccines, suck up all the money that decent people will donate to help the horribly disabled kids, then lie to the world about autism being incureable so the kids spend their lives locked up in asylums while these criminals get richer through your donations.

Go here, cure the autism, don't give Autism Speaks any money. Now you can watch the video from the right perspective.


Anonymous said...

The only parents who continue to contribute and walk for Autism Speaks are moronic, robotic parents who seem to love to distract themselves with fundraisers rather than dealing with their kids' real issues.

Anonymous said...

World Autism Day? How about World-no-more-fucking-filthy-vaccines-day. That would be something to celebrate, shed tears over and make videos about.

Foresam said...

We could use some expert hackers who could knock CNN off the air and replace their bullshit with the truth.

Anonymous said...

All the dirtbags who think autism is "beautiful" or waste their time walking for Autism Speaks should read this.