Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Neurodiversity Credibility Check

Here's the link to the nitwit's blog. This time, she's knocking some doctor who practices chelation, presumably to warn people that he might be dangerous because of some problems he had in the past. She may have a point about the guy disagreeing with supplementing minerals.

The lack of credibility, however, is incredibly obvious by the fact that Mrs Nitwit doesn't bother to direct the reader to places where they can learn safe and effective chelation. We know she is aware of these places with all the muckraking she does by infesting these lists where she doesn't belong. It seems the credible thing to do would be to help out the reader with her vast knowledge of safe chelation protocols. But, unfortunately, someone who seems to exist for the sole purpose of preventing autistic children from being helped wouldn't do that, would they.

Mrs Nitwit is also good enough to try to do some character assassination on a couple of intelligent parents who try to help children by finding a way to asociate them with this doctor.

What would a reasonable person try to do when discovering a chelation protocol that might not be the best? Perhaps they would suggest that our government or the AMA arrange to meet with the leaders in the field and find a consensus on lessons learned. This might serve to standardize the procedure while making it safer and more effective for the children. Someone who would rather see the kids suffer wouldn't publicize this thought if it dawned on her empty head. She'd be more content to stupidly bash anyone who helps an autistic child to satisfy whatever deranged notion is dancing around in her scrambled brain.

Once again Mrs Nitwit, thank you for demonstrating the insanity of Neurodiversity.


maxima said...

There's been some humour and sarcasm on here when I talk to you Fore Sam; it's all for the good.

This post brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of what Bush said a while back: "Either you're with us or against us". Life isn't like that and the fact that people that are treating autistics won't even consider environmental factors is tragic.

I'm an alcoholic and so is like 30% of my close family. We know it ends in death or insanity if we keep drinking. I know autism will be a future disease where people can find a cure by avoiding substances that bring on a reaction.

It has been proven that alcoholism is a disease where the person can't drink like a sane mam. I know there will come a time when it's proven autistics couldn't function because they were digesting stuff that braught their symptoms on.


Fore Sam said...

Maxima, I wonder if Mrs Nitwit's sadism works the same way as alcoholism. Will her hate for children kill her soon?

maxima said...

Like with all disease, before it has been approved by the World all thoughts are considered psychotic. I had an uncle that snuffed it because of alcoholism; in todays world he might have gotten some true help.

If autism is braught on by chemicals it will save so many kids in the future. Kind of like how my son won't drink because he knows about the family disease.

Comparing alcoholism to autism is just symbolic but the history of the disease might have the same result as autism.

We don't know much and the truth might shock us in the end ;)

Googlybear said...

I believe we will eventually see many of the treatments that are being used in biomed, that are considered alternative or experimental, actually becoming mainstream. EVENTUALLY. Unfortunately, by the time it becomes mainstream this generation of children will be well into adulthood, I believe. I feel sorry for the parents sitting around waiting for peer reviewed, double blind studies to be conducted and then published. By the time it happens, they will be saying a big "oops" and wishing they could turn back the clock.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, The jerks who keep yelling about peer reviewed, double blind studies are just looking for excuses to defend the drug companies. They don't believe it themselves. That's why they keep resorting to character assassination and that's why none of them will comment on this. They know they are beaten.

Laura said...

"I believe we will eventually see many of the treatments that are being used in biomed... becoming mainstream." Won't that be a wonderful time? I'm just glad there are at least "alternative" treatments available! If my son were 10 years older, I might have had to resort to --gasp!--Neurodiversity to convince myself to accept a disease as "just who my son is." No, I know my son is a smart, funny boy with a faulty immune system brought on by assorted toxins. It will be a wonderful thing when his immune system functions properly thanks to all these "crazy experimental things" I'm willing to try. Hmm, removing heavy metals from the body of someone with heavy metal poisoning - that really doesn't sound all that crazy and experimental to me, after all.

Googlybear said...


Even if your son was 10 years older, I would say don't give up and give biomed a try. At our DAN office, I regularly see teens and even a couple adults getting treated and getting better. The body's power to heal when given the right tools is amazing!! For a couple years, I threw in the towel. I never had a neurodiverse mindset, just thought I had failed at a full recovery though my child was improved in many areas. The consensus used to be that once a child hit a certain age, nothing could be done further. But now that mindset in biomed is changing, and it is believed that there is hope for all- but the older a person, the longer it will take. Good luck with your son! :)

Anonymous said...

We are not beaten, Fore Sam. When the Autism Omnibus case is lost, we will have won another battle against the panic merchants who refuse to accept neurodiversity and are harming their children's future in the process tryin to achieve the impossible - making their children normal.

Fore Sam said...

Anonymous, When you have to hide in anonymity and resort to lying to salvage your position, you have lost. Kevin Leitch is so scared of what I have to say that the coward even blocked me from commenting on his idioic Youtube videos.
Since thousands of children have already regained their normalcy, you just showed yourself to be nothing but a liar by claiming that is impossible.

Anonymous said...

Why should I tell you who I am? So you can stalk me into submission? THAT is cowardly! I don't know Kevin Leitch so I don't know if he's scared of you or not, but I'll bet he's not! He just doesn't want a real liar like you on his back. Neither do I. I hate liars, and I hate you.

And no child has regained normalcy - that's another lie. And they never will.

Googlybear said...


If autism is normal brain variation, then why does it require the same services that other disabilities do?

If you took all the autistic people, or just a sampling, with appropriate percentages of severe, moderate, high and aspbergers (percentages matching the levels we are seeing now) and put them in a town on their own to run the town. Do you think they could run a community on their own?

If austim is normal variation, why are there so many co-morbid problems that come with it. To name a few- gut problems, allergies, weak muscles..etc. That excede what is seen in the average population.

So is it or is it not a disability? If it is a disability then good parents should be seeking out not only measures to improve function through therapies, but also measures to improve health and alleviate the condition if possible. If it is not a disability, then the large majority should be able to function without speech, PT and OT therapies, classroom aides, special ed classes, social security disability checks, group homes, independant living homes, staff, social workers, assistive devices..etc. I'm not saying these things are bad or wrong, but a normal variation community does not have most of their members subsisting on them.

Something went wrong with my child, and I am going to set it right.

watson said...

Anonymous said...
We are not beaten, Fore Sam. When the Autism Omnibus case is lost, we will have won another battle against the panic merchants who refuse to accept neurodiversity and are harming their children's future in the process tryin to achieve the impossible - making their children normal.

I could tell you that two people have told me recently that my son, now 16, doesn't have autism. But I guess you will ask, "Is he normal?" and then I would have to ask you what yardstick you are using because there's no such state as normal, and "neurotypical" is a totally ridiculous concept dreamed up by the Neurodiversity movement.

Parents who choose biomedical intervention, diet and therapy, are trying to restore and enhance their children's brain function - we are, after all, chemical beings - and many, like us, report success. Some children I know have lost their autism diagnosis and are considered normal.

My aim over the years has been to make life easier for my son so that one day he might have friends, a job, a wife, and a house of his own, and children maybe. I didn't want him to be dependent upon the taxpayer and to be at the mercy of the state all his life.

I am not trying to make my son normal, I am trying to give him the skills he needs to achieve independence before I die. Isn't that what all responsible parents want for their children?

Fore Sam said...

Anon 3:24 AM, Leitch and the rest of the nitwits from Neuroinsanity are all cowards. Since none of them have an answer when confronted with the truth, the only option they have is to delete comments.
I don't stalk anyone. You're just an immature idiot.

Anonymous said...

If you took all the autistic people, or just a sampling, with appropriate percentages of severe, moderate, high and aspbergers (percentages matching the levels we are seeing now) and put them in a town on their own to run the town. Do you think they could run a community on their own?

Googly, can you imagine the chaos? It is not even funny.

Well said.

Autism is a disability and a cure is the only kind reponse.

Anonymous said...

You'll like this one:

Mom26children claims in her current post on her blog the following:

"I fell in love with autism in 1972..." and goes on to explain why.

I couldn't stomach the rest of the post.

Googlybear said...

It is interesting how neurodiversity accuses parents of following any "quack" who promises a cure. Yet, they are willing to believe Amanda Baggs. I just simply do not believe that someone as severely affected as she portrays herself to be is going to be living on their own and writing well thought out messages on a blog.

Anyway, I've seen autistic like behaviors in schizophrenics, especially those who became schizophrenic at a younger age. It kind of skews their development. Of course, it is my belief that autism and schizophrenia have similar roots.

pedro santana said...

I couldn't stomach the rest of the post.

Then you have severe tolerance and understanding issues, anon. Good for Mom26 for accepting her condition and learning to live with it. There's a lesson in that for all of you.

Fore Sam said...

I didn't read what Mom26 wrote but I'm sure it's the same idiotic junk she always writes.
This has nothing to do with Kathleen Seidel's credibility or lack of same though so there won't be any more talk about her here.

anonymous 3:24 said...

Since none of them have an answer when confronted with the truth, the only option they have is to delete comments.

They delete lies, not the truth. You haven't got the courage to admit you are a liar. And you do stalk people - you said so yourself elsewhere on this blog.

So you are the coward.

Fore Sam said...

Hi Phil, You're a simple man who suffers from mercury poisoning. You accused me of stalking you so I agreed with your paranoia to have some fun with you.
You really should pay attention to what I wrote about Quackbusters and how they abuse people like you to achieve their goal of making the medical profession wealthier. You've been fed a line of bullshit for a long time. I'll be writing more about Quackbusters and I hope your damaged brain can see the truth in what I'll have to say.
Neurodiversity is not what they seem, Phil. They are paid professionals who are abusing all autistic people to increase profits. They truly are the scum of the earth and you should stay as far away from them as you can.

anonymous 3:24 said...

Who are you calling Phil, Foresam?

Phil said...

Excuse me, Best - but I have NOT posted on this particular thread until now. All my commentary is on my website. I'm only posting now because you need to be corrected on a fact. That Anonymous 324 was not me.

Fore Sam said...

Whatever you say, Phil. How are things in Fantasyland today?

Fore Sam said...

Hey Phil, I notice on your Enemies list that I'm near the bottom of the list but you claim I'm your biggest enemy. Shouldn't you move my name up so I'm at the top of the list? I worked hard for this honor and I don't like being stuck at the bottom.

the informer said...

I worked hard for this honor and I don't like being stuck at the bottom.

You should read the other articles that are available, John. See if you can spot a pattern.

And Phil has answered your post on his website incidentally. Seems that you'll never get first placing because you were too late getting in his face.

Fore Sam said...

Informer, Just a slight correction, Informer. Phil showed up here and got in my face. I just defended my position.

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

Nice try. I am not paid by anyone and do not take any salary. It's so fun to watch you make up stories about me.

Fore Sam said...

Estee, I thought I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I asked if you were an actress or a dumb blond. Thanks for letting us know it is the latter. I don't suppose even Stephen Barrett could be obnoxious enough to try to tout the "Joy" of autism.

the informer said...

Just a slight correction, Informer. Phil showed up here and got in my face. I just defended my position.

Fair enough. I was just putting it from Phil's point of view just for effect.

He's updated it again if you're interested. Looks like he's even complaining about that!

Fore Sam said...

Informer, Thanks, I've been checking his blog to get some good laughs. I'm still upset though that he calls me his biggest enemy and won't put me at the top of his enemies list. Don't you think I deserve to be on the top of his list?

Joeker said...

Character assassination, hm?

Wherever would we find something like that?

Oh... That's right! Right here!
The irony is astounding. You assassinate others characters, but can't take any lumps yourself?

Fore Sam said...

Joeker, Questioning the motives of those who use character assassination on respectable people is quite different from attacking respectable people. Those who I question are harming children with their rhetoric and deserve no respect. Since you are one of them hiding in anonymity, you also deserve no respect.

Joeker said...

It's even more different when you proceed to mock and insult those you're only "questioning the motives of."

I'm not hiding. I just don't feel it to be wise to run around the internet spewing personal information. I'd rather not become friends with a pedophile. Don't think it'd be wise, would you?

If you wish, I have your email from earlier posts, I could send you links of all the things I spend time on, on the internet.

All you'd need to do... is ask.

However, if you should want to have me out of "anonymity," please be polite, should you decide to write anything on the sites.

Am I harming children right now? No. Only your ego. I have told you how many times? I'm not one of these NDs, or Seidel, or Kevin Lietch, or whomever you think. I'm not hurting any child, and you're too pompous to realize that I'm simply speaking back to the insults you dish out. I give you the respect you give me.

I'm not them. I'm not you. I'm neither. You see, there is no "For us or against us" to me. There are grey areas.

Make personal remarks against those who're offended by them. I tell you now: I'm ready to give you all the personal information you need, and just to make you feel better.

So stop acting like your world is the only one to matter, and that others have opinions and free wills, that you cannot change with anger, hatred, and contempt.

Just where do you draw the line behind what is right, and what is wrong?

Fore Sam said...

Joeker, If you are not a neurodiverse nitwit, why are you here giving me a hard time? There are not any autistic people who would not love to be cured. Neurodiversity is a sham of assholes who pretend to be autistic to make it look like there is some good to being autistic. Every sane person knows that autism sucks. I guess that makes you just another asshole who tries to tell us autism is a good thing.

Googlybear said...


Don't go around giving out your personal information on the internet. It isn't the best idea. You never know what invisible freak is reading. You are not obligated to be anything more than anonymous on the net. Do you think my first name is Googly and my last name Bear? Giving out personal information on the net is a personal choice, and one that should be decided with caution. You are by law an adult at 18, but I still think 18 year olds are in many ways still kids. It's a transition period in life. Maintain your anonymity.

Joeker said...

He rails at me for my anonymity, and so I'm willing to give it all up, to him and him alone, simply to prove my point. He decided to pull another hand rather than bluff with his current hand.

He just caught that I wasn't bluffing, and threw down his hand, to deal up a new one.

Fore: I'm trying to convince you to, rather than offend people by insulting them, offend them by succeeding. If you really support Chelation, then you'll want to ensure it gets a lot of positive attention, rather than the negative.

Don't you feel it'd be a great boon to the proponents of Chelation to inform a parent about Chelation, present a positive message, and tell them the successes of your son?

I tell you now, it's a much more effective method of gaining support and positive results than it is to calling people nitwits, insane, brain-damaged, shams, frauds, and baby-poisoners.

You were one of the first people I found speaking of Chelation therapy, and from what I was seeing and hearing of you, I thought it was simply ridiculous to consider looking into just what it was, the kinds of things I was reading, the things you wrote. I was pretty much off-put at the idea of Chelation.

I don't want to be cured, because this is what I know. It's solid, I can feel it, and I know it. It's like a country, one I know and am comfortable in, and I don't want to move to some far-off country. But you feel it's because I'm brain-damaged, a fraud, or simply stupid.

In all things, there is good, and there is bad. You cannot have lived with Autism all this time, and not have seen something, anything, that you find good.

I don't think that Autism is a good thing, but it's not wholly bad. You can't help but portray only the worst of the worst, the "horrors" you suffer, by having an Autistic son. At least your son is getting better from chelation. What happens to those parents who stumble upon this site, and rather than find information on what Chelation is, and just how it was helpful with your son, they'll just find your rants on those you despise, and leave. If Autism is a nightmare, then why aren't you intent on showing what will come after the nightmare? If it's a horrible, terible thing, then show the parents a light at the end of a tunnel, not the shadows of those you feel poorly towards.

Your hate is being directed at people, and your energy focused on these people. I consider myself to be one, considering the amount of comments I contribute that attract your ire.

Simply put, I'm just another asshole, but one who thinks you're doing a poor job of Hating Autism.

Fore Sam said...

Joeker, I read the comments before I published them and responded to this on my most current entry.

Googlybear said...

He decided to pull another hand rather than bluff with his current hand.

Sometimes you need to lay your hand down and walk away. I think that is what you should do. You are letting this blog bother you way more than it should. What difference does it make to you what Fore Sam says or believes? Or how he presents information to parents. Most parents looking to treat their children biomedically go to the information websites, the books and the parental support groups.

Joeker said...

Googly: Well, I'm not one to just give up on something.

Sure it may not matter much about what he chooses to present, but if he wants to hurt the Autistic movement, nothing quite says it like pulling the rug out from under them.

If Fore really wants to hurt the Neurodiverse, he should get involved, get fundraising, and help to get rid of Thimerosal in vaccines. The clear evidence will then speak for itself.

If Mercury-laden vaccines truly are the cause, then Autism incedences will decrease sharply within several years, and then we'll all know the truth as Fore knows it.

How could Neurodiverse fight such staggering proof? They couldn't. That's the way to hurt them deeply. Insulting them isn't doing so hot, and I gotta say, the best cures are preventions, don't you agree?

This blog bugs me, because there's so much energy being put into insulting NDs, defending anyone they attack on the grounds that they're attacked, and calling people assholes for being open books on demand.

Fore: Get a charity/lobby group going, devoted to replacing Thimerosal, thereby fulfilling an objective.

You can't save people with words alone. Save them with actions, with information, and with a clear, doable goal, which will help to prove a hypothesis you find to be exceedingly accurate. What have you got to lose?

Athena "Spydyee" Blakely said...

May I ask all of you a question?

Since you are so sure that it is a fake disease and is brought on by the poisoning children get from vaccines which I was too for a long time. I was until my beautiful daughter from whom I withheld all vaccines, had on GFCF diet right along beside her Autistic brother, fed only water that was tested pitcher by pitcher for heavy metal compounds,and never took out of my "sterile" heavy metal free allergen controlled plastic bubble home that I had created began exhibiting Autistic symptoms and was eventually diagnosed with Autism. I have had a change of heart following the diagnosis of every member of my nuclear family and the diagnosis of one extended family member. I agree that many children can be helped by biomedical treatments but many cannot. Some may be mercury poisoned but others are not. Also, please hear that the silver fillings in your mouth put out more mercury than there ever was in any vaccine and every time you breath out of you mouth near your children if you have silver fillings you run the risk of exposing your children to mercury not to mention contaminating your own body. Please focus on mercury from all of its sources not just the vaccines. This is an element that needs to go away I agree but please do not discount those of us with multiple generations (3 or more) diagnosed on the spectrum. There is a genetic element. Downs Syndrome was genetic before scientists were able to mane the gene. Just because scientists have not yet named the genes involved with Autism does not make it any less genetic for some of us. this is not an us or them thing. It is our right as people with many generations of Autism in our families to have our rights as citizens recognized. To see what I mean just go to
There you will see my beautiful Autistic children that I know are Autistic because me, my father, my husband, and my brother are all Autistic. And the beautiful little girl you see at the beginning never had a single immunization until after her diagnosis. She is genetically Autistic.

Fore Sam said...

Athena, We don't have all the answers for autism. I discuss mercury since it has been proven that it is the cause of the epidemic. It is the cause of almost all autism.
I also discuss the FACT that Neurodiversity is a sham. Are you proud of being associated with a bunch of idiots whose only goal is to discredit every scientist, doctor and parent who helps to cure an autistic child? Neurodiversity is an arm of the drug companies who poisoned my son via negligence. They see the possibility of him being cured as a threat to the assets of these negligent companies. That is why they are so against curing autism. They don't really think that curing autism is killing the autistic person but they were stupid enough to try to make everyone else believe it. In the process, they have suckered some naive autistic adults into beliving that they don't want to be cured. The leaders of Neuroinsanity are good at propaganda. Naive autistic people are not so good at recognizing this fact.
You should give more thought to associating yourself with these creeps.

Googlybear said...


You have cute kids. I wonder why you think that mercury being a cause would make autism a fake disorder? Being autistic doesn't make the person any less of a human being, I'm not sure where you are going with that. You obviously used to be a biomed mom, so what was it about autism that made you feel it needed to be cured? Why would a natural genetic variation have so many disabling features? As for Down's Syndrome, it is caused by a genetic defect. Are you saying that is the same with autism, it is caused by a genetic defect? If you are saying that then we agree. I think there are a variety of genetic mutations or defects that are inheritable, therefore you will see alot of spectrum disorders in a family. I believe these genetic weaknesses make people more suseptible to damage from toxins, such as heavy metals. I don't believe that mercury is the only problem, a trigger yes. But if it was the sole cause, then all kids would be autistic not just some. Like all things, people are different, therefore one can get a shot of penicillan and another will die from it. One kid can get measles and recover, another will get measles and incur permanent neurological damage from encephalitis. One kids body can handle mercury and the other's can not.

So yes, there is a genetic component. I don't have all the answer, neither do you. It is a journey. I never went through any of the great lengths with my younger two that you did with yours, except for not vaxing. Both of my younger two, like their father and I, have spectrum issues. And like their father and I, neither are autistic. I think my oldest would have been the same, except she incurred several insults, not just vaccines. I think families with spectrum tendencies need to learn to take care of themselves so that they maintain the highest level of function. BUT, if autism does not have a cause, then why do children recover from it?

I hope that all made some sense of my position.