Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How To Cure Autism

Autism is a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning. The same applies to Asperger's, ADD, ADHD and PDD/NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). The method used to cure mercury poisoning is found at the Yahoo group Autism-Mercury. The Files section there has Andy Cutler's protocol which uses Alpha LipoicAcid (ALA), DMSA or DMPS to remove mercury.
The important thing to learn there is that chelation is most safely done with small doses at frequent intervals which is different from what many DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors preach. You will also learn more than you ever wanted to know about yeast and which supplements are needed to effectively remove mercury without harming your child. Since chelation removes good metals with the bad, you have to replenish the supply of things like zinc and magnesium. Extra vitamins, C, E and Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil are also important.

You will also learn about testing to determine if your child is a good candidate for chelation. Not everyone can be cured with chelation. A hair test seems to be the best method to reach this decision. I didn't bother with any testing besides ruling out the known genetic causes of autism. Now, it may be more important to test since the mercury has been gone from most of the vaccines for a few years. Other causes that I don't fully understand may come into play.

There are also groups specifically for adults who are chelating themselves. These groups are worth reading. If you have a non-verbal child, it's useful to hear adults talk about what they go through to help you understand what your child goes through during chelation.

Many children improve with Methyl B-12. As Richard Deth explained, mercury prevents the body from manufacturing methyl B-12 and, without it, children find it impossible to pay attention to anything. Sometimes, the results of adding methyl B-12 are almost instantaneous. Children begin to speak soon after it is first administered. For others, it can take a few months and over 90% seem to benefit from this overall. It is not a cure but, a temporary solution until all of the mercury can be removed from the brain. Here is a group that discusses methyl B-12, among other things. Dr James Neubrander, a leader in the use of methyl B-12 is a great source of information. He also discusses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which can help replace brain cells damaged by mercury. More information on HBOT is available in this group.

Chelation can be a long process. I've been at it for over two years. My son was as bad as autism gets, completely oblivious to the world around him. Now, he understands every word that's said to him and responds appropriately (when he feels like it) most of the time. He still does not speak aside from saying a word once in a while. However, he can make his needs known, a huge improvement from bashing holes in the walls with his head out of frustration.

Patience is a key element. Chelation is not a magical cure that works overnight. Mercury must be removed slowly and safely. The gains a child makes can be painstakingly slow (quicker with younger children) and this can be frustrating. You may not see any difference in your child on a day by day basis. Month by month, some gains should be seen. Now that I can look back over two years, the gains are incredible! I have a much happier and healthier son. I'll press on as long as it takes. I know many people who have been chelating longer than I have. Their children continue to improve and many have already been cured.

Beating autism is a long battle. With zero help from the doctors who caused the epidemic with their negligence, it's important for parents to put this information out in public themselves so we can all learn from each other how to help our kids while the doctors refuse to correct their mistake of poisoning our babies. Our Government refuses to help and we need all parents of autistic children to take a stand and stop this madness of allowing huge corporations to poison our babies for the sake of profit. The central point for activism on this issue seems to be the Evidence of Harm group (EOHarm). Every parent of an autistic child should belong to it.

Addendum My younger son was diagnosed with ADD several months ago. He wasn't doing well in school and his attention span was short, no difficult behaviors or anything that would suggest a problem. So, I chelated him. After three rounds of chelation, he is now getting 100% on all his tests. I never gave him any of the Concerta that a neurologist prescribed who diagnosed him. His mind could still be a little quicker so I'll do some more chelation with him. The true answer will come in the Spring when we see if his golf game improves.


Anonymous said...

Thanks John, this post is great! Keep telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. With almost 2500 hits to your profile, you are a very popular guy. Now you have given some basic info that can guide people that stumble onto this site. More importantly-you can give them some hope. I even learned from this post-and I already take my son to a DAN doctor. Now I have some more research to do.

Oh-did you try the yeast thing with your son? I know the DAN doctors really push that one.

Thanks again-now this finger wagging mom will leave you alone to have fun will all of the lovely people that attack you on a daily basis. I am hoping for more from the "STFU" poster. Don't know that last time I laughed so hard. Some real entertainment here.


Fore Sam said...

Thanks Amy. Sam hasn't seemed to have much trouble with yeast. I have given him some stuff that combats it called Acidophilus. Many people on the Autism Mercury group are better sources of info on yeast than I am.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Great post. Great to hear Sam is improving and your younger son responded so quickly to chelation and additional supplementation.

A couple questions:

Is Sam on any type of diet?

What is Sam's school environment like?

What does Sam enjoy doing in his free time?

How does Sam and his younger brother interact with each other?

I appreciate you sharing your experience. It's nice to read such a positive post. All the bickering with the neuro-replusive gets old.

Although, it sounds like Sam is no where near being recovered; he certainly sounds like he is progressing and that is what it is all about. Keep up the good work John, and please answer my questions. My boy sounds very similar to Sam. :)

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Sam eats whatever he wants, mostly good stuff and some junk food. He has no allergies to gluten or casein.
He has a one on one aide at school where he still needs help to do his work. He will write his name but he still isn't doing much learning in the traditional sense. He's at the point of learning basic paying attention skills, doing puzzles, finally using utensils to eat, dressing himself. Not ready for first grade material but getting closer.
He doesn't interact with his brother at all but will play with his younger sister sometimes. His favorite activity is wrestling with me and riding his bike.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, has there ever been a class action (or any type)law suit against the pharma cos. for the harm they've done re injecting mercury into babies?

Fore Sam said...

I think the closest thing to that is over 4,000 cases going to the autism omnibus case in June.

Jack Mieyov said...

The Omnibus case will go down in flames. The plaintiffs have the duty to present relevant science that supports their claims. We know how that will go.

Even Dr. Geier admits there is no credible research that ties mercury to autism.

Anonymous said...


You don't know "jack".

Show me where the Geiers made that exact statement.

Christine said...

wow, no offense but you are really stupid, people had autism before there was mercury in shots. How do you explain that? Huh? I know alot of kids who never got vaccines because their parents feared of autism, but guess what? They still have autism, they never touched mercury and yet they still got autism. I wonder why? Maybe cause it's genetic! Seriously man...come on, you have a brain use it.

I dont dissagree that mercury has something to do with it, but it's not the whole story.

My theory: a person is born with an autism gene and has autism, and the mercury shot pronounces their symptoms, like making their symptoms more severe. Thus the large jump in autism numbers in the 90's.

I hope everything goes well for your son and I wish him luck. Im sures he's a wonderful person, autistic or not.

Anonymous said...

Christine - here's a fantastic website with answers to your question. This is the page titled "How was my child poisoned?". Excellent info - take the time & read through it ...

Fore Sam said...

Christine, There was no such thing as autism until 12 years after mercury was first used in vaccines.

Megan said...

Mr Best, Will you teach my father how to cure me?

Anonymous said...


how do you know "lots of people who have autism that never had shots". are you part of a special group of people? what is a lot of people?
"lots" to me means like 10 plus. I sure would love to hear your stories. you must have SO much experience-you do appear to be an expert. Why-you even knew that there was "autism before there were shots". How do you know there a special book that has these factoids that you have hidden under your bed? I would love to know...cause you sure seem SMART!!!

Fore Sam said...

Megan, If your father has half a brain, he can learn what he needs to know at Autism Mercury.

the truth said...

Foresam, you are dishonest. You accuse Autism Hub of dishonesty by not allowing your post through. Now you are doing the same thing to my posts. What's your problem? Afraid of the real truth coming out?

Fore Sam said...

The Truth, You are cordially invited to disagree with anything I have to say as long as you are adult enough to use your real name. I've had enough of cowards who come here to insult me anonymously because they're not smart enough to prove their point.

A teacher said...

I was wondering if the teachers and therapists that work with Sam know that you are chelating?

I teach children with autism and sometimes I wish parents kept me in the dark just a little regarding changes they may be making to their child's diet or medication or if they have started a new intervention or treatment such as chelation.

I think that it may affect my ability to be objective if I know too much and I want to make sure I keep an open mind when I am teaching, observing or assessing a child. I would not want to be "looking for changes." The parents may also end up getting a more accurate report about their child’s progress and how effective the intervention is.

So I was just curious if those working with Sam know about his chelation and if you think that they have been able to remain objective?

Does that make sense? Sorry! It is a bit late where I live!

It is a little different with medications that may have serious side effects. I do think parents should let the school know if they have started or ended a medication especially some of the heavy duty medications that seem to be prescribed more and more to even younger children.

Fore Sam said...

Teacher, They know because I need feedback on his behavior to judge the supplements I give him. I had to impress the fact on them to make sure I got notes home from school every day.
I didn't tell anyone that I was chelating my other son.

the truth said...

I see. I answered your post like a rational adult and you wouldn't allow it. You are a coward, Foresam. An irrational deranged threat to society. It's no wonder people won't identify themselves - Foresam Mussolini. I don't blame Phil for being upset with you. I hope he succeeds in getting this blog deleted if he is still trying to.

Anonymous said...

Christine, You say the kids never touched mercury, how do you know that? How are you so sure?

Did the parents eat fish before or during pregnancy? Are the children located within 200 miles of a coal burning plant? Burning coal released dangerous levels of mercury into the air that we breath.

Were the mothers mercury toxic from amalgam fillings? If they had 1 mercury filling you can bet they were mercury toxic. That mutates the childs DNA making the mercury part of their genetics so they are screwed from day one. You think vaccines are the only way to become mercury toxic? I think you are the "stupid" one.

This link shows the dangers of mercury poisoning from mercury fillings exceeding over 1000 times the EPA's safe amount for inhaling mercury.
Which bring us to mercury toxic mothers passing toxicity to their unborn causing the mercury to mutate into the DNA.

Daniel Hjort said...

You are stupid. Mercury can't be the cause of Autism. Where do you get this nonsense from? I never thought people could be so stupid, and it pains me to see people actually believe you.

You're on the internet preaching and dealing out potentially dangerous advice to people with autistic children, even though you have no real knowledge? Where's the evidence, shithead? You're just guessing, on a holy crusade to destroy autism. Does it give you a sense of meaning? Does it make you feel righteous?

Anyone with half a brain would never believe mercury to be the cause, because it is absolute bullshit.

-Daniel, Asperger's syndrome.

Fore Sam said...

Dan, Why don't you chelate yourself for awhile and see if it helps you? Asperger's is just a lesser form of mercury poisoning.

nadia said...

Prove it.

robert brown said...

Autism is a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning.

This is a flagrantly false and scandalous statement based on the fact that the condition predates any mercury presence amongst the human race. Mercury poisoning does not equal Autism.

You are attempting to start a panic with this statement and for this you must be restrained and punished for your attempts to put an non existant fear into families who are forced to cope with this disorder for life.

You are a disgrace to God and a disgrace to America.

Fore Sam said...

Robert, The only condition similar to autism before 1931 was genetic in origin. That's why Kanner told us it had never been seen before when he gave it a name.
Eli Lilly has been poisoninmg us for 76 years and it's time for dopes like you to wake up.

Jonsmum said...

You're never anonymous when you leave you IP address everytime you comment here.

You're lucky the police have'nt paid you a visit yet.

Jonsmum said...

You're way behind.
The issue of thimerosal and autism started years ago, and it didn't originate from this blog.

robert brown said...

That's why Kanner told us it had never been seen before when he gave it a name.

Kanner had never seen it before because the authorities hid it in the old insane asylums. Cruel places. Before that they were hidden in monasteries as demons. Eugenics was rife in the old days.

And you are supporting a similar effort, which thankfully will not work because what you are doing will not achieve your stated aim. That is why the panic you are trying to start is a disgrace.

The issue of thimerosal and autism started years ago, and it didn't originate from this blog.

That does not matter. The statement is still designed to panic.

nadia said...

Ignoring me?

Fore Sam said...

Kanner was one of the authorities. It could not have been hidden from him if it existed. Your stupidity has no bounds.

Fore Sam said...

Nadia, Prove what?

nadia said...

Asperger's is just a lesser form of mercury poisoning.

I said, "Prove it!"

robert brown said...

Kanner was one of the authorities. It could not have been hidden from him if it existed. Your stupidity has no bounds.

It most certainly could have. Until Kanner started his work no one like him had the tolerance to pay proper vigilance to what was being sent to the asylums. It was wilful ignorance. Something that you are engaging in presently. That is the way thing were in the old days and you are trying to bring them back again.

And the personal abuse demonstrates that I have struck a nerve. Are you beginning to realise the folly of your actions?

Fore Sam said...

It looks like Nadia, Eddie, Robert Browm and whoever else's comments I didn't publish are the same knucklehead. Is that you, Phil Gluyas?
Chelate yourself per Andy Cutler's protocol, that will prove to you that it is a lesser form of mercury poisoning.

nadia said...

What? Who?

robert brown said...

Who is Phil Gluyas? Now I know I have struck a nerve. You are in desperate need of help.

the informer said...

How can you tell, John? Got the IP? Do tell! And has anyone heard about Phil losing his welfare payments yet?

nadia said...

I'm still waiting for proof.

Internet terrorist said...

And has anyone heard about Phil losing his welfare payments yet?

I'm watching his forum. When it happens he'll have a big whine about it.

internet terrorist said...

Hey - his forum's closed!!

Fore Sam said...

Phil said he has a new blog but he won't tell us what it is.

Stacy said...

Give these people time to see. In the 50's Doctors said it was ok to smoke cigarettes. 40 years later you can't smoke a cigarette even OUTSIDE at 6 flags. So, in 40 years these nay sayers will see the truth. And you will STILL have your doubters,so F*ck um. You do what's best for your child. If they want to read about mercury poisoning there is plenty of proof. I am sure most of the people who don't believe it don't have children with autism. They couldn't possibly understand.