Saturday, March 01, 2008

ABC's Dr Tim Johnson, Nitwit

I think Dr Johnson should be sued for this crapola. This idiot claims that studies have looked at kids who've been vaccinated versus kids who have not been vaccinated to determine if vaccines cause autism. That is untrue.

A CDC employee gave us the proof that the thimerosal in vaccines caused an autism epidemic in 1999. Since then, horse's asses like Dr Johnson have been going on TV and handing out pure BS to try to allay the public's fears so they will keep making Pharmaceutical companies wealthier by buying their hazardous vaccines.

Dr Johnson, you are either an idiot or a liar. Your stupidity or your lies (take your pick) will cause a lifetime of the most horrendous human suffering I can imagine for countless children and their families. Autism is the worst thing that can possibly happen to any human being. You need to start preventing this horror instead of supporting the monsters who cause it.

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Anonymous said...

He was probably thinking he was being clever, by talking about the Japanese study after MMR removal. Of course, the rest of the vaccines, including single shots of the ones in the MMR, were still given to all the kids, so really the study didn't prove anything. He probably thought he could play loose with terminology and get away with it. Maybe 2 years ago he could have, but not now.

The CDC probably has a year left to try and hold out for gene chip tech and personalized medicine, where they can hail the new breakthroughs and claim they are saving kids with mitochondrial disorders from having to get shots, before they will all be royally fucked.

If they are not desperately gunning for consumer gene chip tests by now... well they should all be in jail already for incompetence.