Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thank You CNN, Vaccines Do Cause Autism

Finally, a major network has allowed a doctor to state on TV that vaccines cause autism. They even let Dr Poling discuss the role of thimerosal as a factor in causing autism. I believe he said that the thimerosal can have an effect on the mitochondria. Wow!! It's hard to believe we have finally seen this in this media.

CNN made an error by continuing to allow Dr Sanjay Gupta his idiotic stab at raising doubt that thimerosal is responsible for the epidemic but, that's OK. Now that CNN has helped the general public to see the truth about this horror that the vaccine industry has perpetrated on our children, I don't think Sanjay will be allowed to continue to lie to the public much longer. I think Gupta will have to be fired pretty soon. He has now become an embarrassment.

Anyhow, this is cause to rejoice!!! The truth came out!!! All those parents of autistic kids who were lied to by their pediatricians, who still claim thimerosal does not cause autism, heard the truth from a Neurologist who had his own child poisoned by vaccines. Now that the truth came from an MD, all those parents who have believed the lies from our corrupt government should be deluging their Senators with demands for proper action. All of the liars in Congress now have to face the truth and stop defending their corrupt and negligent friends in the vaccine industry.

Hurray for CNN for covering this press conference!!!

Here's part of the press conference.
You have to scroll down to the video labelled "Baby's Descent into Autism".


Anonymous said...

It is finally out of the internet and into the minds of regular joes.

It is still hard to believe the stranglehold the CDC, quackwatch and Team ND had upon the discussion on the internet. Maybe they thought it would be easier to fool the masses if they got conflicting information constantly thrown at them. The Big Lie works every time they thought. Well, the ballgame is much larger now and those lied to will not forget easily, especially those with damaged kids.

Now, one wonders if there is any evidence that would show that autismweb was actively trying to spam blogs and websites, force their way on the top of web searches, and attack any doctors who went against their party line. Maybe racketeering charges would apply, as well as libel suits.

The CDC and all of the other corporate scumbags will get theirs eventually, but it would suck to see these ND scumbags get away.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I was stunned when my mom called me this morning and told me to put it on CNN right away. I am happy to say that my 15 1/2 month old daughter does not suffer from austism, but I have been on her doctor about not vaccinating her. Everytime we go in for a well check, he always gives me a hard time about not vaccinating her. When I first expressed my concerns he proceeded to tell me that there are no links what so ever to vaccines and autism. Needless to say he did not convince me. His nurse came back in the room because she knew that I was not wanting to get the round of shots that day and comforted me by telling me that her sister's son developed autism immediately after his 18 month round of vaccines. I have had some great support on my side of the family, but not on my husbands. It makes me so angry that my doctor can look me square in the eye and tell me that vaccines no longer contain mercury. WHY DO THEY DO THAT???

One last thing, what do I need to do in order to be able to enroll my daugher in school when the time comes. I hear all of the time that schools will not allow a child to start school if they don't have the "required" vaccines.

Anonymous said...

To get your child "excused" from the vaccines, go to your health department and fill out a personal exemption form.

Anonymous said...


Depending on your state, you can get either religeous or medical exemptions. Find a pediatrician who will give you an exepmtion and show him the new info. I have a feeling the exemption laws will become much easier for parents after today. Family history and medical tests will become much more important than before, otherwise doctors will get lawsuits shoved down their throats.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns! I only wish I had!

Doctors can't be trusted when it comes to vaccine info. It's their job to persuade parents to vaccinate their children - by any means - even if they themselves choose not to vaccinate their own precious kids.

You will find a link to vaccine exemptions on the Inside Vaccines website. It's an excellent source of information. There's also a discussion forum if you have any more questions.

Anonymous said...

My kids are now 18 and 20 years old, never vaccinated, very healthy. School was not an issue here in Canada. I got an expemption form from the Health Unit, got it notarized and gave it to the school. When the kids went on to highschool the exemption went with their records.

One time when they were doing the HepB vaccines in school my kid's teacher did not believe her about the exemption and insisted she go with the other kids to see the public health nurse. Once there my girl stood her ground and told them she did not get vaccines and they had to check with the office.

Not only must you be clear with the school but be clear with your children as to why you do not vaccinate so they can stand up for themselves if they are in a difficult situation. I also told the school that if a teacher had questions they were to direct them to me and not to my kids.

No one can force you to poison your children!

Anonymous said...

This is will indeed help with the truth.

That being that children affected by mercury in fact have Mitochondrial disease - and not Autism. This disease has some of the traits, but not enough for a formal diagnosis.

This will help the true understanding of Autism - and Gupta will be retained by CNN.

If your son was affected by mercury, John, get him checked for this disease.

Anonymous said...


You're being naive here, falling for doublespeak. Autism is a set of behaviors. It's just a term, like happy. There is no difference in autism-like sysmptoms and autism, the same as happy and happy-like are the same.

Don't you understand this?

Anonymous said...

It was on waaay more than CNN...

I wasn't even looking for this story but it followed me and found me, everywhere I went, from channel to channel, network to network, local news even, not to mention the the snippets between shows of up and coming stuff, any place I went on tv this evening there was the family, the story.

This and that little 9 year old girl got way more airplay in one day than that lousy-assed fraud has gotten in her entire life time,

-- eat you heart out sleezeball nut-Baggs

Anonymous said...

Listen to Shoemaker's statement, there is still a deep dark secret here.
The whole true most certainly did not come out. The DOJ saw to it that evidence is still being withheld from the public view.
Pay close attention to Shoemaker. There's more....much more.

Foresam said...

Yes, Shoemaker should know the same things we all know. Now if we can tell the rest of the story in the media, we'll be all set.

Anonymous said...

John, there is evidence that belongs to the respondent, they get to control if & when it sees the light of day.
Scott knows what it is, the family knows, but the case is sealed. So until a court order releases this information, by law, they cannot reveal it.

I have a pretty good idea what it is.