Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Autism Speaks Bans the Truth about Autism

I was just banned from the Autism Speaks message boards for life. That's the second time these geniuses banned me for life for going on their message board and telling the truth about how autism is caused and how to cure it. They even went to the trouble of going through all of the comments I put there and deleting the link to this blog. That says a lot about the dishonesty of Autism Speaks.

I wrote to their office last week and asked them to consider the research Tim Bolen had done to expose the organization known as Quackbusters. Austism Speaks never wrote back. The fact that they left my comments alone but deleted the reference to my blog just confirms that Autism Speaks has also been infiltrated by Neurodiversity and Quackbusters. Neurodiversity has gone to great pains to keep my blog from being referenced in Wikipedia and now they have deleted the reference to it from Autism Speaks.

It is obvious that this action must have been taken by a neurodiverse nitwit who snuck into Autism Speaks and found a job as a moderator. If this was a genuine person taking this action, they would certainly delete references to idiotic blogs like Autism Diva's and a bunch of others associated with Neurodiversity. No, this had to have been some friend of Amanda Baggs, Neurodiversity's fraudulent spokesmodel.

Neuronitwits have taken great pains to keep this blog from being seen. They complained to blogger about it along with the Autism Fraud blog that is completely dedicated to Amanda Baggs' fraud and had a code put on both of them so that search engines could not find them. I contacted Blogger and explained about Neurodiversity's insanity and they removed the code.

It is nice to see that Neuroinsanity is so terrified of what I have to say that go to these extremes to try to keep what I have to say from being seen. However, sanity will always prevail over psychopaths who intentionally harm disabled children. Now we can add Autism Speaks to that group of psychopaths since this action confirms that they are allies with Neuroinsanity and Quackbusters in preventing autistic children from being cured.


Anonymous said...

O boy, it's not going to be the same on Autism Speaks without you... I suggest you come back via a proxy server and carry-on.

Foresam said...

If I knew what a proxy server was, I might try it. I can just keep educating the public about what a bunch of nitwits Autism Speaks is from here though.

Axinar said...

Dude, if you'd tone it down, there are some points that you bring up that are worthy of discussion.

But with the Jeremiah Wright action you're lucky all they've tried is to get you banned from search engines.

Actually ... for those of us just joining you ... :)

Perhaps a recap is in order.

Tell us about your son.

Then tell us how Amanda Baggs has harmed your son.

Then we'll talk ...

Foresam said...

Who is Jeremiah Wright?

Amanda baggs has harmed every autistic child by misrepresenting the truth about low functioning autism.

Anonymous said...

Hi John

I'm sure certain ones over at AS won't be able to stand it and will have to come over here to see what you are up to...LOL...



Foresam said...

I'll probably start naming them here and describing how idiotic they are.

Can you believe some idiot there went to the trouble to delete all of those "Vaccines Cause Autism" tack ons and left the comments there? It says a lot about the management at Autism Speaks.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that Neuroinsanity is so terrified of what I have to say that go to these extremes to try to keep what I have to say from being seen.

Yes we are terrified - because you are completely and utterly unhinged and are capable of any crime in order to get what you want. A world of a single sort of human being and no diversity of any kind. The Ayreon Race.

Good evening. Mr John Hitler Junior.

Foresam said...

Simple Simon,
Yes, we need a world free of children with poisoned brains. They grow into adults with poisoned brains and join neuropsychopaths.

Axinar said...

Jeremiah Wright is Barack Obama's old minister.

Haven't been watching the news the last week or so, eh?

Again, recap mode ...

How do you feel Amanda Baggs has misrepresented the truth about low functioning autism and how do you feel this has harmed autistic children?

Foresam said...

Listening to political mudslinging ( is that what's going on here?) is almost as stupid as listening to Neurodiversity.

Baggs has influenced public opinion with her acting. People who don't know anything about autism believe what she says and think all autistic people can learn to talk by typing on a machine. Many will also believe that autistic people do not want to be cured.

That is pure bullshit. All autistic people would like to be normal, even the alleged geniuses who self diagnosed themselves with Asperger's. There are no autistic people who want to be autistic. That is just a line of bullshit dreamed up by Quackbusters and Neurodiversity to obfuscate the truth about autism.

Axinar said...

>People who don't know anything >about autism believe what she >says and think all autistic >people can learn to talk by >typing on a machine.

Well, I think "all" is a little too "big" of a word on this topic.

However there have been quite a few well documented cases where technology has allowed people previously unable to communicate by speech or signing to communicate.

But I don't think she's ever claimed such technology would help EVERYONE with autism.

>Many will also believe that >autistic people do not want to be >cured.

There certainly seem to be some. There are also, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, individuals with deafness who do not want to be cured.

Oliver Sacks also documented some of the deleterious side effects that can occur if early-onset blindness is "cured" later in life. There just may be some individuals with autism who would not wish to be cured.

>That is pure bullshit. All >autistic people would like to be >normal, even the alleged geniuses >who self diagnosed themselves >with Asperger's.

Again, "all" is too big of a word. My dad, for instance, who has never attempted to diagnose himself as having Asperer's but CLEARLY has the symptoms has fought tooth and nail to resist treatment - and he is not politically motivated. He hates attention. And yet I have a strong suspicion he and Amanda suffer from a similar condition and it leads to REMARKABLY similar behavior in some areas - including not wanting to be "cured".

>There are no autistic people who >want to be autistic.

Again - too broad of a statement.

Have you read the works of John Elder Robison and Temple Grandin?

Temple Grandin in particular - although she has an interesting attitude that she would like to be able to interact with neurotypicals more productively, I don't think I've ever heard her talk about wishing to be "cured".

Foresam said...

Anyone who claims they don't want to be cured of something that makes their life difficult is not being honest. There is also the possibility that their brains are so scrambled that they just can't make sense.

We know that Amanda Baggs scrambled her brain with LSD as a very young college student. I don't think you can find any sane person (that excludes everyone associated with Neuroinsanity) who will agree that she is better off as a college dropout who can't care for herself than she would be if she finished college and found a way to unscramble her brain.

Such an attitude only makes sense to people who are incapable of making sense.

Those of us who do not have brain damage all agree, yes 100% of us, that those people with damaged brains need help.

Anyone who disagrees with that statement either has brain damage themselves or they are lying to promote a disingenuous agenda.

Anonymous said...


So your dad can't boil water? Maybe he does have a beard but come one now... Did he do lots of LSD?

The type of speculation you're doing is so tpyical of ND followers, who just love their little fantasy world, where mom and dad (or a whole staff like for Baggs) take care of the real world. Some people this and some people that.. and since this guy doesn't get help...we're all a different culture... blah blah.

This is the real world, where parents eventually die and people have to take care of themselves. Fantasy worlds crash and burn real quick when you have to change your own diapers and pay for electricity somehow. Given a choice, you bet someone would do some biomedical treatment and learn to use the toilet.

The bottom line is this. Autism is a medical condition that is treatable. Only a very nasty (or crazy) person would try and make it appear that autism is just fine and those afflicted with it should not be treated. That person is Amanda Baggs.

In the end it won't matter anyways what anyone from ND thinks, since all the kids with autism are cared for by guardians of some sort and will get treatment once the guardians learn the kids will get better when treated. Basic stuff.

Axinar said...

"Autism is a medical condition that is treatable."

Alright, I was about to say, let's say for the sake of discussion that we were living in a totalitarian government and we could FORCE Amanda Baggs to be treated. What treatment do you propose?

Then I caught myself.

Y'all don't believe Amanda Baggs is autistic.

So let's take a case that seems universally accepted as autistic:

How do you propose we treat SAM??

Foresam said...

There is treatment that would help Amanda Baggs. Putting her in the stocks and allowing autistic children to smear feces on her might be just the cure she needs.

Anonymous said...


Sure, we can discuss Amanda's treatment but she's probably getting something right now for her mental illness. That's basically all she has, LSD-induced psychosis. The thing is this - it has been and will continue to be the resposability of the parents to give treatment, so there is no need to go in to some tangent about totalitatian governments and ND opression.

About Sam, well wiseguy, you should just look anywhere on the blog to find info on Sam's treatment. Are you trying to learn something about biomedical treatment or just trying to appear educated and show up parents helping their kids. I can guess which but maybe I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, Amanda Baggs belongs in the JR School. She will be cured in an instant.

Axinar said...

JR School?

Axinar said...

"Are you trying to learn something about biomedical treatment or just trying to appear educated and show up parents helping their kids. I can guess which but maybe I'm wrong."

Well, I believe the original statement was, "The bottom line is this. Autism is a medical condition that is treatable. Only a very nasty (or crazy) person would try and make it appear that autism is just fine and those afflicted with it should not be treated. That person is Amanda Baggs," implying almost that autism symptoms can be cured or significantly reduced through existing therapies.

That being the case, why have these techniques had SO much luck that people are carrying on about, "Who am I going to assign the task of changing MY adult child's diapers after I die?" and whatnot?

Axinar said...

>So your dad can't boil water?

He can't bring people in to do estimates on repairing the area with water damage in the bathroom because he can't handle "worrying about it".

He can't go to his own neice's weeding because he's scared to death that he won't be able to get home.

He practically had a meltdown when the local store stopped carrying the special cereal that he has it in his head is the only thing keeping him from having to go on Milk of Magnesia for the rest of his days.

Now maybe he has something COMPLETELY different from autism and COMPLETELY different from Amanda Baggs, but, let me tell you, there are things that Amanda has told me that has REALLY put me in mind of him.

Actually, I've heard that Amanda gets a fair amount of the "Not Like My Child" phenomenon (NLMC), although she certainly qualifies for Just Like My Dad (JLMD) on some issues.

"The type of speculation you're doing is so tpyical of ND followers, who just love their little fantasy world, where mom and dad (or a whole staff like for Baggs) take care of the real world."

Well, although there are times I entertain the notion it might certainly be better not to have to WORK for sure, I just find it impossible to believe that someone would find it a fair trade to live the kind of lifestyle Amanda Baggs leads.

I mean - could YOU handle people in your business daily or even 24/7 unless it were absolutely necessary?

Foresam said...

JR=Judge Rottenberg, the lazy bastards who shock autistic people instead of treating their condition.

The therapies you dismiss have had a lot of success. We don't have all the answers and nitwits who keep trying to deny the fact that the autism was caused by vaccines are getting in the way of progress.
Making yourself an obstacle to that progress by carrying on like a deranged David Andrews (sanity pending) makes you part of the problem.

Axinar said...

"The therapies you dismiss have had a lot of success."

Oh I haven't dismissed anything.

I have read that there has been some luck in very young children.

Although such stuff as the "clicker" therapies give me the creeps.

What therapies have you seen some luck with?

And, more importantly, what therapies have you seen any luck with in ADULTS??

Anonymous said...

Judge Rotenberg is the best therapy for adults claiming (faking) autism. A week on shock therapy and calorie reduced diets should have them all claiming miraculous healings. Baggs would be speaking 19 to the dozen, with her mouth. If she is not careful and keeps on faking it, JR is exactly where she will end up when the circus is over and everyone gets bored with ND.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you really do want to learn something after all. When I said therapies, I mean biomedical therapies, not ABA or clicker things. Those don't really work until the underlying biochemical disruptions are addressed. Just keep paying attention to the Poling case for some insight on how energy transport biology affects the brain.

In the meantime, some really basic treatments to help with oxidative stress and help get the overall metabolism and brain inflammation working include cod liver oil (vit A + D - cured my lower back pain), B12, change in diet (removal of allergens, GFCF, SCD), magnesium, Vit C, and any antioxidants. Autism is an immune sytems and mitochondrial dysfunction, so anything that works for autoimmune disorders, like gamma-globulin, will also help. Chelation is very direct and gets rid of the poison causing those biochemical problems, but it is hard on the body and one needs to be very observant when trying it.

All of the classic DAN doctor treatments work to some extent, since they are all tied to addressing immune system function and redox pathway enhancement. They work for adults the same as for kids, but adults should go slowly and don't go overboard at the start. When autistic kids get hyper, the parents can keep them under control (mostly). When autistic adults get hyper the cops get called.

Not everything works for each person though, but that doesn't mean that autism is not treatable. It is just not easy to treat.

The diaper bit is for the folks in ND who talk about being in diapers as adults, as if it was perfectly fine and should be repected as a part of their neurodiverse "being". Nobody with a shred of self-respect would turn down the chance to lose the diapers. My kid taking a solid dump in the toilet by himself, after 5 years of diapers, is a proud moment for him and he says "yay" and "bravo" (some of his first words) every time he does it. This came after diet changes got rid of constand bowel problems. If we had not done this he would have ended up an teen with diapers, then maybe an adult.

Axinar said...

"Judge Rotenberg is the best therapy for adults claiming (faking) autism. A week on shock therapy and calorie reduced diets should have them all claiming miraculous healings."

Ah ... sort of like training animals.

Yeah ... I don't remember all the details but I'm pretty sure such brutality is partially responsible for Amanda's condition (and certainly responsible for almost all of her activism) and probably responsible for a good deal of my mother's bizarre behavior as well.

Axinar said...

"The diaper bit is for the folks in ND who talk about being in diapers as adults, as if it was perfectly fine and should be repected as a part of their neurodiverse 'being'".

Well, now, there's another contingent I ran into years ago that I don't think had anything to do with anything having to do with autism who said something along the lines that adult diapers were somehow "freeing", so that may be an entirely different matter.

However, while we're on the topic ...

Actually I think we need to move this thread over to my blog ...


Anonymous said...


Saw your blog. Evidently you're new to all this. This is your answer if you are looking to learn about what is going on

neurodiversity + quackwatch + schitzo Baggs + internet = bad news

Neurodiversity without the rest of the crap would be innocuous, a bunch of boys and a few girls with monty python fetishes. Their parents would eventually learn about biomedical treatment and the ND kids would eventually get out of the house and get laid once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... I don't remember all the details but I'm pretty sure such brutality is partially responsible for Amanda's condition (and certainly responsible for almost all of her activism) and probably responsible for a good deal of my mother's bizarre behavior as well.

does the above mean you actually believe Baggs's "truth about autism" crap. That website was faked. Even she admits that.

How can poor treatment be responsible for her condition when she was never in an institution in the first place? She lied about all that that. She belongs in the sort of place she claimed she was just to teach her a lesson.

Axinar said...

BTW, the post on my blog that I'm trying to graft off of this one is here but it looks like we're going to be here a while too ...

Axinar said...

"... 'truth about autism' crap. That website was faked. Even she admits that."

"The Truth About Autism" is the title of the recent Wired article. What site are you talking about? And where did she admit anything being faked?

I am not privy to Amanda's exact medical records. Others who have left comments on my blog claim to be however. One thing that I do find quite interesting is that in the midst of her MASSIVE collection of Usenet postings there is a HUGE gap right in the time period when she says she was hospitalized.

Now, combining that with stories from my own mother and various other friends of mine who have had the good fortune of being involuntarily confined to the "mental health care delivery system" in this country, if there's a shred of truth to what you all are saying, we should all consider ourselves fortunate that the ONLY thing that happened was that (according to y'all) Amanda started "acting" like she has autism.

Anonymous said...



It's not called "The Truth About Autism" but this is the webpage.

She is totally out of her mind from LSD, so technically she is not faking being disabled. She is misrepresenting autism though, and ripping off a real woman's life.

You're getting the picture about Baggs aren't you. Once you figure out Amanda's part in the whole scheme it will be easier to see Autism Diva, Siedel and the rest of the ND-quackwatch "leaders" for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon, that'swhat I meant, 'getting the true out" and there is no question that terriblwe abuses were commited in institutions in the past. Problem with Baggs is, she was never in an insitution. Also, we are talking about the 1990s, it is hardly the days of bedlam and straight jackets. Baggs was in a private mental hospital according to those who knew her and only for a few weeks.

Axinar said...

"http://www.gettingthetruthout.org/" - however -

This site did get me to doing some digging on some of the topics mentioned.

If I'm reading it correctly, Amanda could not possibly be getting the assistance she's getting unless she had recoverable records of being functionally disabled at least prior to age 22.

Anonymous said...

Axinar, it is entirely possible to get assistance based on telling lies. I personally know a woman who has been on assistance for years and there's not a damn thing wrong with her. She did what Baggs did, she read about illnesses and then repeated what she read. No one questioned her.

Axinar said...

Okay, what caught my attention was on this page:


Not conclusive but this page sounds like specific factual claims about Amanda herself and it says, "She qualifies for admission to an ICF/MR ..." and from what I was able to dig up on THAT you'd have to be able to produce records that you were developmentally disabled at least prior to age 22.

Now are you saying Amanada "defrauded" the system prior to age 22, or are you saying there's something she could have done afterwards to "trick" the system into qualifying her for ICF/MR?

What things is this other person you know doing to "trick" the system into providing assistance?

Anonymous said...

"Not conclusive but this page sounds like specific factual claims about Amanda herself..."

She makes all kinds of claims about herself. It does not mean any of them are true. Unless you have a head trauma you don't go from college to staring at walls for hours.

I also understand why those who know Amanda don't turn her in. They feel sorry for her, just as I feel sorry for the person I know who has faked narclepsy for 20 years, as well as a litany of other illnesses. The main difference is the person I know does not go around advocating for the illness she claims, decrying people trying to cure narcolepsy, or lying to families about how great her faked disability is.

I am amazed over the years at how she has got away with it all, endless tests, doctor visits. Many illnesses do not have a specific test to verify them. The diagnosis is one of exclusion. "If it's not this,it must be that." The person I know is also intelligent and articulate, just like Baggs. She reads endlessly about illnesses and then repeats what she read to doctors.

You can fake these things and get away with it. Baggs is a fake.

Axinar said...

Okay ... But here's the question ... Exactly when do you figure she STARTED "faking"?

Foresam said...

Whenever she decided to stop talking.

Axinar said...

Okay, let's suppose she is faking ... Why all the TV appearances and newspaper articles? Wouldn't she be afraid of getting caught?

Foresam said...

Someone who started collge at age 13 may think she's smarter than the rest of the world. In her interview with Donna Williams, it sounded like she had memorized a textbook. All she has to do is wear sunglasses indoors to hide her eyes, avoid talking and flap her hands for effect.

Even if she does have some permanent brain damage from the LSD, it still can't explain why nobody describes her as having any symptoms of autism as a young girl.

Anonymous said...

People who fake illnesses do it for a couple of reasons. One is to get a pension because they do not want to work. The other is attention to a greater or lesser degree. The woman I know is content with telling doctors and neighbours about her 'illness' and going for tests. She also loves to spend time in hospital if they will allow her to stay. For Baggs it goes much further. What better attention than going on TV and giving interviews. She also blogs endlessly about her illnesses and gets herself into the hospital regularly for her asthma or her impacted bowel. You can read all about it on her site.

People do not fake illnesses at home alone. They want doctors, hospitals, family, friends, everybody they know involved. They want strangers on the street to notice them. They do it for attention, not because they want to be ill. It is a mental disorder.

Foresam is absolutely on the ball about the Donna Williams interview. Baggs reeled off her list of diabilities as if she was reading from a texbook, and even Williams herself commented on it in the interview.

Baggs can't go in forever. Eother she herself will lose interest in being autistic and move on to something else, or "her public" will lose interest in her and move on to another flavor of the day.

Meanwhile she is causing so much harm to people who need it.

Anonymous said...

That last sentence was supposed to read, 'people who need help.'

Axinar said...

Actually, this is the first time I'm seeing this Donna Williams interview and if it's even 50% accurate it makes my mother look like the most medical treatment she's ever needed is a band-aid.

How about this - is it possible that a group of other conditions could cumulatively be causing autism-like symptoms in Amanda, ultimately making her, yes, medically very different than your autistic children and needing different treatment and merely "mistaken" about certain things.

Such an approach might get your thrown off of fewer boards ... :)

Foresam said...

Yuh, what's it called, factitious disorder? Sorry, those symptoms would have been evident as a child if Baggs was autistic.

Brain damage from LSD is not autism.

Axinar said...

Yes, but do we have any reliable information about what she was like as a child?

Generally whe I've tried to make some sense of all this (yes, evidence of my own psychosis :) ), I've generally confined myself to her own Usenet postings (and there are THOUSANDS of them) and I have trouble putting together any sort of really concrete detailed picture.

HOWEVER, the "overall theme" that starts to emerge seems at least glancingly similar to my mother's - a very, very intelligent and very, very troubled young woman who, yes, I'd have to say from one point of view may be pretty much forced to emulate one condition in order to get proper treatment for another.

But I just don't smell malice here.

Foresam said...

I'm not sure that Baggs is being malicious by faking her autism. Her association with Tisoncik, who encourages lying to beat the system, and with Neuroinsanity which is nothing but lies and stupidity may be more to blame for the appearance of maliciousness. She might not fully realize the result of her misinformation due to her damaged brain.

Common sense should tell you that any child who acted the way Baggs acts now for her performances would have been recognized as severely screwed up and given some sort of label. The fact that she could attend colege at age 14 without staff to change her diapers should make you skeptical.

Foresam said...

Axinar, If you want to present arguments to absurdity. try the Autism Hub blogs where it will fit right in.

Axinar said...

Well, no, I'm just wanting to make sure I cover all the bases before I start on my next mental excursion ...

I think you'll enjoy it ... :)

Axinar said...

"Tisoncik, who encourages lying to beat the system ..."

BTW ... where did you see THIS??

Anonymous said...


Well, at least you are thinking about the information at hand and not just believing the ND party line.

The problem with doing so is that you run the risk of getting assaulted by ND, since it is all or nothing for them in terms of belief. Even hinting that this blog has a point about Baggs will get your blog attacked by all sorts of mental patients.

Good luck to you on your journey of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

BTW John,

It is off-topic but our daughter (downs+autism) has been a hand-chewer for years and we fianlly got something that nailed it down-cold. It is a yeast issue, and giveing her cadidase, an enzyme designed to break down yeast cell walls, just stops it within a matter of an hour or so, and keeps her from chewing for at least the rest of the day. It is like fucking magic and makes me want to cry when I see her with her hands in her lap, and words coming out of her mouth.

Chelation makes the yeast go out of control, so you make try some of this stuff on Sam and see if it helps.

Axinar said...

"The problem with doing so is that you run the risk of getting assaulted by ND, since it is all or nothing for them in terms of belief."

Well, it seems like there is alot of that sort of thing going around lately.

Although, generally my frustration is more on what I understand is your side of the coin.

Although, having conversed with your gentlemen for the last couple of days I've come to the conclusion that you are not necessarily the people I get the most frustrated with.

One, Foresam is autistic himself. I'm thinking along the lines of an "Uncle Tom" of autistics, but I haven't completely formed the thought yet.

And, two, all y'all are, in your own way, thinking out this issue WAY too scientifically - looking for mercury connections, trying chelation therapy, dietary changes, etc, etc.

In generally this says you're thinking something concrete and understandable causes the thing and something concrete and understandable can treat or cure the thing.

The people that I have the most trouble with are the types that say such stuff as it's an issue of "personal responsibility" and that you should be able to PRAY your way out of it or some such.

>Even hinting that this blog has a >point about Baggs will get your >blog attacked by all sorts of >mental patients.

Oh, I've gotten some flamers already.

I'm certainly not saying y'all are right.

However, you do very rightly point out that some scrutiny of the available substantive evidence is in order.

And unfortunately there is DAMN little of that.

Three minutes of 8mm movie film of Amanda circa age 4 would shed a STAGGERING amount of light on this issue, but I'm guessing none has survived or is available.

Foresam said...

The film of Amanda at age 4 might show her without diapers and speaking. That would put a crimp in her story, wouldn't it.

Anon, Thanks, we saw the biting decrease when we addressed th yeast too.

Anonymous said...


It makes you want to cry doesn't it (manly crying though) when they stop biting themselves. I honestly can't take it when my daughter has her hand in her mouth knawing at it and leaving calluses on her fingers.

Just the fact that treating yeast with enzymes stopped biting, cold, I mean cold, made me just hate quackwatch with a fury like never before, since the first things I read about yeast were on quackwatch pages that popped up first on google a few years back.

There were still a bunch of other yeast treatment "primers" like the SCD diet and removing allergens, but once the candidase dose was doubled, the biting absolutely stopped dead and our daughter's eyes cleared - fog lifting.

Foresam said...

I'd like to be thre when the atheists in quackbusters find out they were wrong about God.

Anonymous said...


You have no idea of the type of people who will go after you if you hint that autism is not just a herditary disorder with no actual increase. You have no idea. Just remember what type of people have "lived" on the net for all these years before it got popular with myspace and blogs.

The internet is a sewer, and unfortunately, sane parents have had to travel in the shit-filled darkness to find information on how to help their kids, only to find that it was buried by those foul inhabitants of the muck. Those "people" think they own the sewer and and not a bit happy that parents are making progress with their kids and with the opinion of the genral public.

Anon England said...

Can you please tell me more about Google violating the first amendment?

"The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights."

Hoe exactly can a search engine violate that? Also, I came to your blog from Google so...