Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Autism Speaks Run by Trolls

Here, the Autism Speaks message board manager moderates the trolls.

The Autism Speaks message board is a place where you would think you could discuss information related to autism and find some answers as to how to help autistic children. While this is sometimes possible, the norm is that any good advice that is given to parents seeking information quickly degenerates into argument.

This is because Autism Speaks is infested with vermin from the Neurodiversity movement. Let's look at who some of the wackos are who try to harm children with ridiculous propaganda.

One notable wacko is Margaret Toigo, an ex stripper who tries to present her deranged opinions as though they were facts. This ugly slug (she couldn't have done very well as a stripper) just keeps writing that vaccines do not cause autism and rants on and on calling any doctor who helps an autistic child a quack. I don't think most people are stupid enough to listen to this brain dead nitwit but her tactics do disrupt intelligent discussion and get in the way of parents new to the horrific world of autism from learning the facts.

Another simpleton from the Neurodiversity Cult is a woman who calls herself Momof26 children (or something like that). Her real name is Jeannette McDonald and she claims to have 5 autistic children. This woman is so intellectually challenged that she refused assistance from Dr Wakefield, the man who discovered that the MMR vaccine causes autism. She also managed to wheedle herself a new house for free from that stupid TV show that goes around building houses for people who have problems. I don't watch the show but it might be interesting to see if it is sponsored by any drug companies. Perhaps that sponsorship played a role in addling this woman's brain so that she now claims all autistic kids need is love and they'll be fine. From the looks of her kids, it seems that only one of them has autism. The others don't appear to be that bad off.

Auntie Em is the pseudonym used by another nasty wack job who slithers around the Autism Speaks boards. I'm not sure but I think this moron used to blog under the name Soapbox Mom. This nut has never had anything useful to say but she is adept at starting arguments to distract people from the business of helping autistic children.

Then we have Autism Diva, AKA Camille Clark. This infamous lunatic is an expert at taking quotes out of context and trying to use them against the sane people who uttered them. She's also good at character assassination which she is happy to do for anyone she can dig up a little dirt on who helps autistic children. She's one of the psychopaths who try to claim that all chelation is dangerous just because one doctor committed malpractice by giving a child the wrong chelator. The fact of the matter is that chelation has been the standard treatment for mercury poisoning for over 60 years. Yet, this fat, old lady just keeps rambling on, ad infinitum that chelation is quackery and it's all a scam to line the doctors' pockets. The truth of that matter is that a lot of the parents who are curing their autistic children are learning how to cure them from Dr Andy Cutler and the Autism Mercury Group for free.

Next in our list of Neuronitwits is a woman named Liz who uses the moniker Roo2. She's married to a guy who's some sort of scientist so she must have him help her with using scientific terms to distract people from the truth about Vaccines. She has nothing at all to say that is useful to anyone who is trying to help a kid with autism but she's a real pain in the ass when decent people are trying to elaborate on the facts of how to help these children.

Matt is a guy who is too stupid to converse anywhere near intelligently on autism so, he hops around the message board using argument ad hominem to try to discredit decent parents. He also butts into discussions and asks stupid questions to try to derail the topics. A minor pain to sane people but contributes enough disruption to earn a gold star from Neurodiversity for his efforts.

Li'l Bo Peep is a woman from Long Island who looks something like the wicked witch of the west. She persists in stating that Autism Speaks should be a place where differing opinions can be exchanged, as though opinions from wackos who oppose curing autism have any value. She seems harmless on the surface but her contribution of stupid opinions helps add to the total effect of this collection of liars spreading their propaganda.

Next we have some sad cases. These are the people who claim to be on the Autism Spectrum and make the absurd asserion that they do not want to be cured.

Beau seems to be a nice kid who has been perverted by the Cult of Neurodiversity. He isn't very bright which is obvious by his falling in with this strange cult but he serves their purpose well with his "I don't want to be cured" nonsense. He probably believes he is doing a good thing by participating in this assault on decent parents and I tend not to blame him for his disruption. However, it should be noted that whatever he says should not be taken seriously by anyone.

There is also a person known as Zarathustra who appears to be a 40ish lesbian from England, although I can't state that as fact. Most of these people try to hide their identities. She oozed across to Autism Speaks from the extrenely wacky Wrong Planet discussion group. That's where people who claim to have Asperger's make excuses for all of the bonehead things they've done in their pathetic lives. And these losers don't need to be cured, yuh right. Anyhow, Zarathustra flits around AS and interjects inanities here and there as a few more bits of distraction, anything to prevent parents from helping autistic kids.

Some guy who calls himself Darwin also haunts AS when he's not locked up for abusing drugs. He and his wife are a couple of oddballs who, I think, claim to have Asperger's. They're pretty good at derailing threads and adding stupid pictures in that they think are comical. Neither one of them makes any sense but, again, they contribute to the overall assault on decent parents learning the truth about how vaccines cause autism.

That's enough for now. I know I missed some of the nitwits who spread their propaganda at Autism Speaks. It would be nice if one of the founders of Autism Speaks recognized what these lowlifes are doing on their forum and banned them all. First though, AS needs to ferret out the neurodiverse moderators who allow these liars to spread their drivel.

Let me know which nitwits I missed and I'll add descriptions of them in later.


Anonymous said...

John, I\'m not a lesbian and 5 minutes on Google will tell you all about who I am, what my job is and why I am just SO right and you are SO wrong. xXx

Anonymous said...

John, I\'m not a lesbian and 5 minutes on Google will tell you all about who I am, what my job is and why I am just SO right and you are SO wrong. xXx Zarathustra xXx

Foresam said...

Maybe there is more than one misfit calling themselves Zarathustra. That's immaterial anyhow. The fact that you bother decent parents with your nonsense is all that matters.

If I was wrong, my son would still be a vegetable. Time for you to stop talking and start listening.

Anonymous said...

Darwin the drunk drug headed ass is nothing but a screwball who is now trying to fake he has autism so he can suck public funds,and Diva's butt.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Matt is really the Lesbian lover to Diva. They play with her dog thingy.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Em has been stalking another member of the As group for months. She needs to have a psych eval and now!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if she posts on the message boards but Judy Ursitti (by the way she is from Dover, MA from what someone said) of the blog Autismville spends most of her time kissing the ass of Autism Speaks (as if they care!) and saying that her child was not damaged by vaccines. She claims to hate the "biterness" and the "fighting" on the blogs. What a Pollyanna. Can't wait to hear what her views are in another five years when her kid still isn't toilet trained.

Anonymous said...

Margie the moderator couldn't make any money as a stripper[too ugly and beasty] So she got on As as a moderator and she bans all the parents trying to help children,as you have found out.

Foresam said...

I don't know Judith Ursitti but Dover is one of those
snobby towns where the teenagers get BMW's for their birthdays. Probably shouldn't criticize the upper crust who live there.

Anonymous said...

A comment posted by Judith from another blog. Apparently any "bitterness" (which is what she calls any belief other than her own apparently) clearly is just not acceptable to this woman. And I love the :( symbol. I think it's popular amongst most 10 year olds.

Mar 3, 2008 at 10:19 pm

I’m looking forward to reading the book … Think I’ll just skip the Stagliano portion. She’s funny .. but the hate and bitterness she projects just make me sad. :(

Foresam said...

Yup, Judy sounds like your basic snob from Dover.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and she reminds everyone constantly that she is priviledged. Nanny, vacations with nannies, etc. All this but still clueless.

Anonymous said...

"Snob" is accurate but so is gullible dumbass. Just the kind of person Autism Speaks loves to suck into their web.

Little Bo said...

LOL, John, "Wicked Witch of the West?" You really know how to hit a girl where it hurts!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Little bopeep is a wolf in sheeps clothing.All these fuckards are pure scum for letting thier children suffer if they really are even parents of children with Autism. My guess is they are pharma whores trying to do damage controll like the so-called doc. named Chris who joined As just when the Poling case hit the media. He is likely a shit stain from the AAP.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Darwin, I hear he went on yet another drunken rampage last night. the forum Administrator left all his drunken post up for over 6 hours,and didn't ban him. He even went so far as to call other members the c word ,trash, and make up lies about others. I guess the group should be called Alcohol speaks

Foresam said...

Darwin should contact Estee Klar and see if she'll promote celebrating the joy of being a drunk. After all, drunks want to stay drunk so they don't kill the drunken person by becoming sober. I think Estee should start defending drunk drivers using the same logic. We should respect everyone's right to stay drunk. We should accept it. Sober drivers should accomodate drunks and make sure they get out of the way before the drunk crosses a center strip and hits them head on. Trees should also be taught jump out of the way of drunk drivers. Makes as much sense as her views on autism.

Anonymous said...

Curing drunks is cruel. We should all celebrate alcohol toxicity. Seeing double is a wonderful thing. especially for Darwin ,then he can see divas fat fuckin ugly ass twice.

Anonymous said...

Estee Klar also writes on her blog that her son read at 9 months old and now is a master communicator through facilitated communication. Oh, but he can't speak at all by the way. The woman is a delusional scum.

Anonymous said...

Darwin said he was a user for 27 years, users often sell drugs to fund their own habit.
I wonder how many kids he sold drugs to, yea, the man that screams against vitamins for children, sold drugs to them instead.
Wow, Diva's biggest fan is a felon drug dealer. I wonder if ant of those kids Od"ed......
Now that darwin can't be a part of the drug crowd, he wants to "belong" to on the AS board. He's not ASD, he's substituting one habit for another.
Why can't he go get a job instead.

Anonymous said...

Foresam said...

Quite an intellectually challenged video!

Foresam said...

I see Darwin got diagnosed with HFA while incarcerated. I suppose every drunk and drug addict will soon be using Asperger's as an excuse for their behavior. Although, who's to say exactly how much damage thimerosal has caused when it was given in lower doses that didn't turn kids into train wrecks?

Anonymous said...

Looking at another one of her comments (from Age Of Autism blog) I think it's safe to say this Autismville person would classify as one of the "nitwits". Here is more of what she has to say:

I do find A of A a bit sensational and negative ... but hey, that's just one crazy autism mama's opinion. It certainly doesn't keep me from reading it.

I also think Dr. Minshew has the right to her opinion as a researcher and wanted her to know that. The diversity of the Autism Speaks scientific advisory board is a help, not a hindrance. If everyone had the same viewpoint, once again in my opinion, progress would be impacted.

In the mean time, instead of tying up the AS phone lines to complain, maybe you could spread the word about the new round family services grants they are offering. You can read more about them at

Peace out,


Posted by: Autismvile | 02/10/2008 at 06:06 PM

Anonymous said...

Not to keeping bringing this "nitwit" up, but I want to say that "nitwit" is too mild a word for this Judith of Autismville. After reading her most recent post, where she whines because her husband is away on a business trip and the niece/nanny went away for the weekend and she actually has to WATCH her own children (god forbid!), she admits to leaving them locked alone in the car while she runs an errand. The boy is severely autistic and four years old! It's no wonder she doesn't think vaccines hurt her kid---she doesn't even think leaving him in a car unattended is dangerous. And what is really unfortunate is that some gullible, unsuspecting parents listen to someone like this thinking they know all about autism!

Here is what one of Autism Speaks biggest supporters does in her down time in her own words:

Next it was a quick trip to FedEx/Kinko’s so I could mail a couple of books (From Emotions to Advocacy and How to Compromise with your School District without Compromising Your Child) to a friend in Texas.

(Fellow autism parents will recognize the drill. You buys books. You share them with other autism parents. You expect them to pass them on to other autism parents. And so on. And so on.)

I supervisesd the kids, who were locked in the car, from a distance, as I completed the transaction. Admittedly, not a shining moment in my sometimes feeble attempt at motherhood, but they were safe and I was sane. Enough said.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon driving Superniece Erin to the South Station in Boston. She was headed to NYC for a weekend of twentysomething fun with friends. (Ah, to be twenty.) I welcomed the heavy rush hour traffic, as the kids unwound in the back seat.

Nice Judy! I wonder who is dumber--Judy or Estee.

Foresam said...

Sure, Judy welcomed driving from Dover to South Station at rush hour. She must have some good happy pills.

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of this idiot I have no doubt that she goes (as the Rolling Stones wrote)"running for the shelter of the mother's little helper".

From the sounds of it she is barely ever with her kid and when she is all she seems to do is bitch about and remain clueless as to what to do, yet she is out there claiming to be an expert for others. Just reminds me too much of Estee. Snobby, cleuless and above all, fake as hell!!!

Anonymous said...

All of you people are cruel and rude as hell! As for Judith, who happens to be my daughter-in-law,
you people have no clue to what this women does for and with her
children. As for my son, perhaps
you non-working, back-burning, should get off your asses and work as hard as he does to help support
his family and other family's with
children with autism. Ah- never thought about that did ya??

Andy's Red-neck Mother from Georgia

Jan Ursitti

Anonymous said...

Wrong Jan you loser. We spend our time being thoroughly trained and work with our kids 24/7. We are not out there promoting ourselves like a media hound making sure our faces are in the newspaper whenever possible. You see, it's about our kids NOT our egos.

Anonymous said...

Jan claims her son supports other children's families with autism---how nice. Maybe he can fund their education and their biomedical bills. We'll have them give the family a call! Maybe your daughter-in-law can whore herself out to the media again for yet another attention grabbing article patting herself and Autism Speaks on the back. For doing what exactly is still not clear to many.

Anonymous said...

And maybe the sucker parents could wake up and see where Autism Speaks' money really goes.

I Take Back Every Nice Thing I Have Ever Said About Autism Speaks

I read this today and it just made me sick. I don't even have the words to comment on it.

I am a professional that has reviewed many non profit organization's IRS Form 990s. Autism Speaks Form 990 raises serious red flags. Serious. This is all from the official filing for 2006.

1. Three members of the Board of Directors received $2.5 million for their own organizations.

2. The President Mark Rothmeyer, just received a 5 year contract for about $2,000,000

including bonuses with no prior background with autism.

3. The grants are primarily going to those representing institutions that are reviewing the grants. There is no indication that these conflicts are independently reviewed

4. The location of this small and new foundation is in very expensive downtown New York facilities rented for $200,000 by the institution that is run by the Chairman of Autism Speaks.

5. A expense of a Private Jet plane for $57,000 was noted. This is very unusual for a new non profit groups.

6. The head of the scientific review received the majority of the funds for 2005 for his institution for a data base - almost $3 million

Since the funding is now from the public - and the advertising and promotion tugs at the publics heart strings with images of families in need - the funds collected MUST be about those it raises the money for.

The following are all taken from the Form 990 filing

Web Site $830,000
Software for the computer $514,000
Lawyers $440,000
Computers $337,000
Public relations $285,000
Office annual rent $200,000
HR consultant $110,000
Editorial Consultant $76,000
Private Jet Plane for someone that entertained $57,000

Mark Rothmeyer* $360,000
Peter Bell [$240,000?]
Alison Singer $168,000
Mr Ringall $150,000
Andy Shik $110,000

Remember all the above also gets significant fring benefits that
probably add.

Mark Rothmayer also can get $50,000 more with a bonus a year benefits

Here is the AS 2005 990. Here is the 2006 990.

Further discussions on AS allocation of funds, choices and ethics can be found here, here and here.

Read all post on Autism Speaks here.

Foresam said...

It looks like you were trying to incorporate some links here that didn't work. Send them to me and I'll turn this into its' own post. Nobody is going to notice this in a 6 month old comment section.

Anonymous said...

This information was off a post that Ginger Taylor (Adventures In Autism) had written. She got the info. from the EOH site and someone also stated that the information was in the annual report posted on the Autism Speaks website.

I find the fact that clueless people spend so much of their time convincing gullible parents to walk and raise money for this organization quite sickening as so much of the money goes right into the pockets of the people who work there or towards pointless research that will never really help the kids improve. It is just wrong.

Foresam said...

Yes, AS basically steals money from philanthropists and wastes it. They had the media connections and fund raising pro's to take a lot of money that other organizations could've put to much better use.

We would need to use radical measures to put them out of business.

Anonymous said...

What is puzzling to me is how parents can be so stupid as to waste their time representing an organization like this but I guess as they say ..."there's a sucker born every minute."

Foresam said...

AS has a firm grip on the media so most people never see the information that's available on EOHarm and other places. They believe the misinformation in the major media and think that parents who cure autism don't really exist. The propaganda against curing autism is massive.

Anonymous said...

It certainly does have a firm grip on some moronic parents. You also have people like Vinnie Strully from NECC, as well as other places, making sure they tell parents a child can never recover from autism and then proceed to piss away a child's life and make sure to collect $100,000-$300,000 per child while they are doing it.
They love the parents who will run off and fund raise while the kid falls deeper and deeper into a rut. Just a crime.

Foresam said...

I wonder what it takes to start an institution, one that would help kids instead of warehousing them?

Anonymous said...

The first roadblock would be getting an ethical person running the place who wasn't just interested in collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year per child. The breakdown in these places occur with the sheer scum running them and the utterly stupid parents following like a bunch of cows.

Savy parents DON'T allow these people and places to waste their child's time.

Foresam said...

I have to disagree with you there since there are lots of parents who are ethical. I think the first roadblock is not asking ourselves why we can't do this ourselves. I know someone who may tell me how to go about starting such a place, including how to find startup funding. You helped me come up with an idea that I think is worth pursuing, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I agree, I think most parents are ethical, it's the directors of some of the existing places that are not parents and are simply in it for the business and the money. I think if parents ran these places they would be run well and have the kids' best interest in mind.

Anonymous said...

Also, in Stratham, NH I understand that Birchtree Center is looking to expand to a site that will accomodate adult students in the future. I don't know what the quality will be or who will be funding it as it has yet to be built, but this may be a place for kids that is run well. Remains to be seen.

Foresam said...

Do you know if Birchtree is aware that medical treatments are helping autistic kids? I worked at Easter Seals residential facility which was run fairly well but it was just a prep for being warehoused for a lifetime with no treatment at all. It's useless trying to educate these people so we will have to start another place, probably hundreds of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not certain of Birchtree's attitude towards biomedical. I think most of the smaller centers do allow parents to make their own decisions regarding this. It's the bigger ones (NECC, MAY, Melmark) that forbid this.

Foresam said...

I've never heard of any residential place that does anything besides drugging kids into oblivion. If you know of one that's different and actually treats autism using medicine, I'd love to know about it.

Anonymous said...

The majority of them are about drugs, restraints and very expensive babysitting. That's about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a true sucker IS born every minute. Bet that $40,000 went right in the pocket of Peter Bell or Suzanne Wright for the downpayment on a new car.

If I see this woman's face in the paper one more time I'm going to be sick. WHAT A MEDIA WHORE. She's in at least once a month bragging about herself in one way or another and raising money for hacks.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord here she is again. And there was another article regarding her doing the same thing in Texas yet she ran from the crap state of Texas. Guess that media blitz didn't work out for her.

The truly intelligent and proactive parents who I have met don't need to promote themselves endlessly.

Foresam said...

The fact that Ursitti has her kid playing with her shows that his autism is not at the lowest level where kids can't do a damn thing. This woman probably has no clue what it is like for the lowest functioning kids who were nearly slaughtered by mercury. If she had ever met a low functioning kid, it would be obvious to her that no teacher has any chance of helping them.

Anonymous said...

She had said that she doesn't believe vaccines had anything to do with her kid's autism. She's clearly not too bright.

Anonymous said...

I think what is most distrubing about this is that this dim wit could care less if doctors are pharm. whores. Stupid is too mild a word for this attitude.

bipolar chicks bloggingit’s all about the carnival rides & the petting zoo
Yeah, but…
with 2 comments

Ads by Google
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Insurance Accepted. Call Us Today.
www.RehabAndTreatment.comBipolar Disability
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…does the average patient even know to check, or what it means?

Hospitals around the country are pushing for full disclosure of their doctors’ financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry to help patients determine whether their doctors are making money from drug and device companies.

I’ll take this very sad example as a “no”

“I don’t care at all. I really, truly don’t,” said Judith Ursitti of Dover, Mass., whose son, Jack, 8, has autism. “When I take Jack to a specialist, I research their level of knowledge and how they treat other patients. If I see that they have financial ties to other companies, it doesn’t bother me, as long as they are knowledgeable about my son’s condition.”

Holy crap.

A mixture of blind trust and having a POS such as the following for a doc could have mind numbing effects on a patient; but wallet growing effects for the doc, so what does he care? That. Is why you should.

In July, one such investigation found that Alan Schatzberg, chairman of psychiatry at Stanford University, had underreported his investments in a pharmaceutical company that he founded. Schatzberg had reported only $100,000 investments in the company, Corcept Therapeutics, but Grassley said that his investments totaled more than $6 million.

What a stain Mr. Schatzberg is. Unfortunately, he is not a rare species.

Disclosure. It’s a start:
Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation’s leading medical centers, will announce this week its decision to fully disclose all of its doctors’ and scientists’ financial ties with pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers on its web site.

“A key issue will be helping patients understand what these relationships mean for their care and for society.”……………”It builds trust among our colleagues [in relation to] research and our patients for us to be transparent.”

Now, how about every damn study having a “sponsored by-” in its subtitle if applicable?

The article mentions a few other places adopting various forms of disclosure:

The University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health
In the “We’re trying not to be so shady” list:

University of Iowa
Mayo Clinic
They have a “Conflict of Interest Review Board to monitor and review each case in which a researcher has a financial relationship with a pharmaceutical company” okaaayyyy. hmmm. I’m gonna’ call that the CYA Board.

In addition to the board, patients are informed of these relationships “if they so much as inquire.”

Again. What average patient would know to ask, or wtf to think of it once known? For all they know, they could take it as some sort of seal of approval.

*reading further* The Association of American Medical Colleges seem to be on the patients’ side.

Here’s a money quote:

“I actually think that the push to disclose is rather a reproach to the ethical compass of my profession,” said Dr. Nortin Hadler, a professor of medicine and microbiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “The fact that we think that disclosing somehow means that there is no further conflict of interest seems a rather flimsy argument.”

Hadler said that the push for full disclosure among many medical centers accomplishes very little in terms of eliminating doctors’ conflicts of interest, and instead highlights how widespread the problem of pharmaceutical and industry ties are among the nation’s physicians and researchers.”

What? Just because your doc gets an all expense paid trip to sunny Florida to attend some seminar couldn’t possibly mean that he would think that “drug X” is the best for you…would it? I mean, he’s your doctor, he’ll put your interest and well being first, right? “Drug X” gave you diabetes? as a side effect?! Well how convenient that the same company has just the pill for that too……

If you read around a lot, you’ll see docs bitching and moaning about patients “reading information on the internet” funny thing is, you don’t see too many (I’ve yet to come across one) that are bent out of shape over patients seeing a drug advertised on television. *don’t get me started*

I wonder what the statistics are in relationship to specialties and financial interests. I’d bet pdocs rank right up there.

Besides the headlined link up top, there’s more on the Cleveland Clinic/disclosure here; and quite a few other places.

+1 for Cleveland Clinic for the doc/pharma relationship transparency. Like I said, it’s a start; but Cleveland Clinic entrusting private medical records to Google? -10

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Written by happy-time-harry's sister

December 4, 2008 at 8:20 pm
Posted in FDA, doctors, health care, mental health, news

Tagged with Alan Schatzberg-citizen asshat, Cleveland Clinic, doctors' financial ties with pharmaceutical companies
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“I don’t care at all. I really, truly don’t,” said Judith Ursitti of Dover, Mass., whose son, Jack, 8, has autism. “When I take Jack to a specialist, I research their level of knowledge and how they treat other patients. If I see that they have financial ties to other companies, it doesn’t bother me, as long as they are knowledgeable about my son’s condition.”

I find this funny in a sick way. How does’s dear Judith know that Jack even has autism? Could be the doc who diagnosed has some great kickbacks and mucho moolah from the drug companies who make autism drugs/supplies, etc? Is it possible that the doctor is more knowledgable about the dream golf vacations or the extra large order of Omaha Steaks that showed up at his door by FedEx. than about her son’s condition? Criminey, Judith…at least google the doc and his stocks/bonds/investments/connections to the pharma companies.
Sheesh…people can be so damn stupid!


16 Dec 08 at 8:35 pm
Judith is as stupid as the day is long. Clueless yet loves to act as if she is very knowledgable about autism. She’s a joke.

Anonymous said...

I had to weigh in on this Jan woman defending her daughter-in-law and having the freakin' nerve to yell at people here. First of all, if you read this Judith's blog she claims that this niece of hers (note niece's blog above) is the one who cooks, cleans and watches the kids. If you read not only the blog, but this niece's My Space we find a girl whose main goal seems to be to pick up guys, sleep with them, they seem to use her, gets drunk and so on. Yes Jan, your daughter-in-law really has great judgement when it comes to who is watching the kids. What a joke! Freakin' redneck. She should keep working real hard for Autism Speaks though while this stellar example of a human watches the kids. Should be a great influence on the young daughter.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jan, your daughter-in-law sounds like she works REAL hard and has it tough. Just look at her on words. Let me tell you that the majority of autism parents don't have someone to cook, clean and work with the autistic kid so they can...."blog." Rough life.

Has anyone noticed that the Autism Speaks crew draws people who clearly are wealthy and have nothing better to do? Can't say that represents 99.9% of what parents deal with in reality when trying to raise their autistic children so I'll take a pass on her as a role model for other parents. Aren't phoney people pathetic?

Welcome to Autismville

Amy started Brownies this week. She and her Dad just returned home from their father/daughter square-dance. All I can say is, I hope there's video.

Jack ate a full plate of chicken nuggets, chased with some fresh fruit for dinner. That kid. He keeps me guessing.

We've been staying up way too late cheering on the Red Sox.


Erin, Amy and I experimented with the new Quickcam ... Erin continues to shop, cook, do the laundry, work with Jack and attempt to make me semi-cool. Amy asked me the other day ... "So Mom, what exactly do YOU do?"


Well for one crazy thing, I blog!

This week on I've posted the following blog entries:

Reasonable People
Take A Sad Song and Make It Better
Early Morning Journey
Go Sox

Come read the drivel. I promise you'll leave with a smile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan Ursitti-"Andy's redneck mother from Georgia". Maybe you should clue Andy in on what is watching his kids. Here's just part of Erin's (the supposed "Superniece") lovely and classy blog. Sounds like putting the kids in her hands so your daughter-in-law can work "so hard" for Autism Speaks is really a WONDERFUL decision. WTF?????? Erin sounds "quite busy". Wonder when she has time to watch the kids??

It's f-e-i-s-t-y.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
move it along. thx.
i slept with the greek man. i know, it was stupid. and not very good. all i could think of was the detachable penis song. you know the one:

I woke up this morning with a bad hangover
And my penis was missing again.
This happens all the time.
It's detachable.

yeah, that one. definitely not a good sign. when i didn't hear from him, i wasn't surprised or upset. cool, maybe it wasn't good for him either. bad chemistry or whatever. not a big deal.

until i got a text from him:

the greek: Happy new year and all the best! :-) (i fucking hate those smiley faces.)

me: I hope that was a mass text. (yes, i'm a bitch. wait for it, i get bitchier.)

the greek: I hope the skies of the new year are filled with fire works and you achieve all you desire. :-)

me: Do you think that's awkward given that this is the first time i've heard from you since we had sex two and a half weeks ago? (told you it got bitchier.)

the greek: You're a unique and amazing person who deserves happy times and just wanted to give some new year wishes :-) i apologize if necessary...

Anonymous said...

OK.... in reading this Erin's blog, niece of Ursitti who is apparently some kind of nanny for the children, it appears she slept with the greek man after she slept with the lawyer (and who knows before that!) and seems to be getting dumped often. Here's my question to Judith of Autismville, does your niece bring these men back to your house or does she do these things in between watching your kids? Autism Speaks has some classy people working for them I see. Good Lord!

Foresam said...

Hi, Mind telling me why you want to keep posting all of these slurs about someone here? I don't see what it has to do with AS and the neuroinsane wackos that the post is about. Give me a reason or I'll be deleting all of this junk.

Lindsay said...

I didn't read all of the posts here but I just wanted to say that I used to work at Melmark New England and the people I worked with did their best using ABA techniques as well as medications for some kids with extreme behaviors to help better their lives. I think it sucks that there isn't more adult programs out there for when the kids grow up. I saw that someone said Melmark was one of the big companies that just drug their kids into oblivion and use restraints and other than that it's babysitting, which isn't true at least for Melmark NE. Controlled holds are only used when someone is in serious danger, a lot of the self injury and aggressions could seriously injure the child or the other people around if not intervened with. These kids do make progress but it IS a slow process! I'll never forget the joy of watching this one kid tie his shoes by himself for the first time after practicing for nine months! It was Amazing and we taught him with ABA techniques!

Anonymous said...


I do have a great deal of respect for really great therapists as I am sure you are, however, what I do not have respect for are the centers that will not accept a child if parents are implementing biomedical treaments. NECC, The May Center and Melmark are the top three offenders of this. I find it ridiculous that the people who run these centers would have the nerve to tell parents how to medically intervene with their children. The arrogance is stunning.

Also, these places do not look at the "why" of behaviors enough and this is a huge reason restraints are needed at all. These centers take on way too many kids and they do not get the appropriate supervision or programming and then when behaviors occur, the child is blamed. Trust me, the top people in the industry know about these places and these type of problems. Granted, it is a huge problem because the numbers of kids on the spectrum is so high and they are trying to get services, but maybe if the kids weren't destroyed by the vaccine schedule in the first place this wouldn't be such an issue. It is a horrible cycle and the centers will always side with the Pharm. companies as this entire industry is about making money off of these kids. It really is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

Here's why....

Autism Speaks and those who repsent that organization are nothing but a bunch hypocrites. Tepper-Singer is another perfect example as we have witnessed now. Her true colors came through as she basically is now telling the world (see her Newsweek interview) that since she has a brother and a cousin diagnosed, vaccines have nothing to do with autism and autism is purely genetic. WTF?

These people, such as this one from Dover, SHOULD NOT be speaking for other parents as they and their organization of Autism Speaks have done nothing to help the children. They are so quick to put themselves out there as people who know about autism, know what the kids need and where "the research" money should be going all the while speaking a message that is complete and utter bullshit. So we find out Tepper-Singer doesn't believe in vaccine damage because her brother has autism and Ursitti is going to conferences speaking of her vast knowledge of autism yet she dumps her own kids with a nanny and writes on a blog that her dog eats her kid's crap off the floor. The parents that I know do not want someone like this speaking for their children.

In a nutshell, the hypocrisy of those at Autism Speaks is stunning and I think we should know their backgrounds as these people are claiming to know what's best for the kids. What a pathetic joke that is. This organization and their "representatives" have shown their ignorance and should not be speaking at all for the kids. They should clearly go attend to their own.

Singer, Ursitti and others at Autism Speaks will never speak for the kids I know. The parents are fed up with this organization!

Current Status, Challenges, and Opportunities in Legislation of Behavior Analytic Autism Services: Observations and Recommendations from Professionals and Parent Advocates
Judith Ursitti, Autism Speaks

Judith Ursitti is Regional Director, State Advocacy Relations for Autism Speaks. Judith is primarily responsible for managing the relationships between Autism Speaks and the state and local governments of designated states, Autism Speaks constituents and state chapter advocacy leaders, as well as other autism organizations. Judith has over a decade of experience in tax accounting and has been heavily involved in autism advocacy since her son Jack’s diagnosis in 2005.

Zarathustra's Big Bottom said...

I'm pretty sure I know who Zarathustra is and if I'm correct she is very very large! Trust me, she's way big!!!!! Her bottom = 3 of mine!

AlexKenas said...

It makes me laugh that you say that Autism Speaks is controlled by neurodiversity. In reality, they don't even have autistics on their board. Also they believe that vaccines cause autism and push biomedical interventions.

The pot calls the kettle black.

I have a YouTube video on autism:
"Jenny McCarthy is wrong on autism."

Foresam said...

AS does not promote the truth about how thimerosal causes autism.
I don't agree with McCarthy either.

Anonymous said...

Alex dear moron. Autism Speaks does not believe vaccines cause autism. They contribute zero money to anything vaccine related and continue to want to do research on a genetic cause. They are nothing but a scam of an organiztion who employ people like Alison Tepper Singer who recently left and is now chummy with scum like Dr. Paul Offit. All Autism Speaks is about is getting STUPID Autism Mommies to walk and raise money for their 5th Avenue address and private planes. Anyone who supports Autism Speaks is a clueless asshole.

Here are two from Massachusetts who are queen assholes:

1. Jess Wilson, Newton, MA.
2. Judy Ursitti, Dover, MA.

They are a waste of space and mouthpieces for Autism Speaks.

Anonymous said...

From the Faiella's blog:

People if you are doing the walks to get fit then that is fine but if you think the money you are helping raise is going to find a cure then you need to wake up. Hey, keep walking because it costs a lot for them to keep their office on Park Avenue in New York!!!

I have contacted many of them at Autism Speaks here in America, Canda and U.K. Oh yes they have many offices in different countries and I have contacted them all to help me spark clinical trials for Adult Stem Cells from cord blood for Autism but they wanted nothing to do with it!!!

I think this lady would like to hear how you feel, please don't be shy, be very blunt with her on how you feel!!!

Dana Marnane
National Director of Communications and Marketing
Autism Speaks
2 Park Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Anonymous said...

A.S. is filed with nothing but scam aritists who convince brain dead parents to walk and raise money for an organization who just gets richer and does ZERO for autistic children. SCUMBAGS!!

Autism Speaks has released its 2008 990 tax return form, which is the primary source of the following information regarding its finances. According to their 990, Autism Speaks has 36 employees who were compensated over $100,000 this year. The highest paid employee listed, their Chief Science Officer, Geri Dawson, was compensated $644,274. That's better than most people make in fairly good positions at Fortune 500 companies! Shockingly, she makes more than the five people listed in the form as "highest compensated employees", who are listed as being compensated less than $150,000 each by Autism Speaks. Where's the rest of that money that they didn't report, and how much is it to make them more highly compensated than someone getting almost $650,000 from a non-profit organization? All of the "highest compensated employees" are in some sort of administrative or "relations" position, meaning that they're part of the Autism Speaks bureaucracy and overhead, except for one who is listed as "Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel", which could mean that he's part of their oversized legal department, known for threatening people who make t-shirts or parodies to express their displeasure with Autism Speaks (false allegations of copyright violation were the bulk of those cases). Not including federated fundraising money, Autism Speaks spent over $1.7 million on fundraiser expenses, and made only $142,693 from that investment (that's the net gain, or what's left after that $1.7 million+ is subtracted from the total monies gained from the fundraisers). In total, they spent $17,756,876 on employee salaries, pensions/401ks, benefits, and payroll taxes. By contrast, their grants to individuals and communities totaled a paltry $66,670, not even a drop in the bucket compared to their total reported expenditures. Based on that information, it is clear that Autism Speaks does very little with their money to help autistic people and their families, and I haven't even shown all the reputation-damaging financial information I have on them from their 990.