Friday, March 07, 2008

Fire Julie Gerberding Now

Jenny McCarthy has asked that we join her in asking President Bush to fire Julie Gerberding, (pictured here) head of the CDC. Please call the White House on Monday, 3/10/08 starting at 9:00AM EDT, (202)456-1414.

Gerberding has stood by and done everything in her power to allow the Pharmaceutical industry to poison more babies into autism. She came out with some idiotic statement yesterday claiming that it has not been proven that any vaccines have caused autism. This is obvious spin control to protect Pharma that will allow more children to be poisoned into the nightmarish abyss of autism.

That's enough, Julie!! We're sick of your damn lies. We've known that thimerosal causes autism for 9 long years while Gerberding has sat there and continued to deny this fact. Now that a court case conceded that vaccines caused the autism, one would think this bitch, who is supposed to be looking out for our health, would admit that she has screwed up for the last 9 years and do the right thing. Nope, she's going to keep trying to "spin" the simple facts.

No way Julie, your reign of arrogance is all over. Too many people now know that you intentionally allowed the vaccine industry to poison our children. It's time to make all of the vaccines safe, right now, today. No more thimerosal. We know the truth!!! STOP POISONIONG OUR BABIES!!!

Please take a minute on Monday to call the White House and demand that Gerberding be fired. Asl all of your friends to call too. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Julie, You lying sack of shit! The parents of the children you poisoned are coming for your job. I hope the hell you get tossed out on your fat, yes fat ass. I hope you are tried and convicted for attempted murder like the criminal you are. You sack of shit!

Anonymous said...

If this were China, she'd be executed.

Anonymous said...

My early morning rant to the CDC

Why isn't autism on your "choose a topic" list of diseases on your contact page???? Is 1 and 150 children not enough to warrant at least that????

As a mother of an autistic child injured by the MMR (yes, I am sure about it. You do not know my child or the sequence of how his autism came about, so your automatic assumption that I am wrong is WAY out of line), I am infuriated that the CDC, instead of expressing the strong intention to make sure that no other child ends up like Hannah Poling, Julie Gerberding can only be defiantly concerned that the public believe this is only one isolated case, when she does not have enough information to reasonably know that.

CDC keeps harping that each vaccine has been subjected to multi-safety studies. If you say that, then I have no reason not to believe it. Yet, you know as well as I do that the safety of giving the huge number of vaccines that are given to infants in the relatively short space of time they are given HAS NEVER BEEN STUDIED. CDC does not know enough about what autoimmune predisposition looks like in infants to mandate this "one size fits all" vaccination schedule. You don't and if you don't know that then you have no business holding the positions that you do, in my opinion.

I can't believe that we parents of injured children have to count on the same agency who mandated the policy to do the studies that prove whether or not vaccine ingredients are safe enough to warrant the one size fits all vaccine policy! What a conflict of interest. Parents need to demand INDEPENDENT studies!!

You, not we parents of autistic kids, with your stone-walling, are running the risk of parents stopping vaccinating their kids willy nilly, which WILL bring back disease epidemics. There have been enough genetic biomarkers identified that could help identify babies at risk for autism. Why aren't you using them to come up with a test to be given to every infant at birth? Then, those who show up "at risk" could be on a delayed vaccination schedule, or not be vaccinated at all. Since less than 1% of all people are autistic, they would be protected by the herd effect.

Wake Forest University and NY University Medical Center found live measles virus (proven to be the vaccination strain) in the intestines of autistic children. Why are these viruses live? Aren't the viruses in MMR supposed to be dead? The CDC's study in response to this was a joke: to study the blood of autistic people. Why didn't your study scope their intestines? That is where the virus was found. Do you see why parents of autistic kids think you are stonewalling?

CDC, I could honestly get over the fact that MMR injured my son if I believed that nobody knew and that this was honest and unfortunate mistake. It is the constant stone-walling that I can't get over. It makes CDC look guilty as sin.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the picture of Gerberding. Good job, John. The truth is coming out.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the picture of Julie gerberdingbat, the lying pharma hore.