Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Seals New Hampshire, CAICA and Neuroinsanity

Here's another delusional neuroinsane blog that I just stumbled upon for the first time. As usual, it's written by a pseudonymous nitwit who calls herself S.L.. I believe the initials stand for Slimy Lamebrain.

Slimy Lamebrain found the Hating Autism blog displayed on Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse (CAICA) so, she asked her fellow neuroinsane simpletons to start a letter writing campaign to remove this blog from their site. It worked.

CAICA, who must have thought Hating Autism had something useful to say when they added it to their site, buckled to the letters from people who do nothing but abuse autistic children all day long and removed the links. We can see that CAICA is run by people with shit for brains to be conned by the neuroinsane child abusers that they claim to be fighting against.

I wrote to CAICA but they did not reply. CAICA must not understand that those people who complained about Hating Autism are actually associates of the pharmaceutical industry who caused the autism epidemic. CAICA does not see that the psychopaths from the Autism Hub are going out of their way to discredit decent people who strive for one thing, curing autism.

I worked in an institution that abuses autistic children. I worked at the Zachary Road facility owned by Easter Seals in Manchester, New Hampshire. I pointed out to the director of that facility, one Brian Cross, exactly how he was abusing those autistic teenagers. Mr Cross took a similar action as CAICA when confronted with the truth. The horse's ass fired me.

I was reluctant to discuss this child abuse by Easter Seals since they had provided in home support for my autistic son when he was a baby. There was also the possibility that I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face by writing publicly about Easter Seals' child abuse since I might have to go to them for help with my son again.

Easter Seals Vice President Brian Cross is an old man who simply doesn't know anything about autism. I tried to explain to this bonehead how autism is caused by thimerosal and how chelation can help these kids. I even went to the trouble of writing it all out for him with links included so he could learn what autism scholars like myself had learned since 1999 when Verstraeten showed us the connection.

Bonehead Cross paid no attention to what I told him and continued on his merry way of drugging these kids into oblivion with seroquel and other drugs designed solely to make difficult teens controllable. I brought up the point that all Cross was doing with these kids was preparing them for life in an asylum from which they would never emerge. One reply from Bonehead Cross was that it wasn't his job to manage the kids' medical treatment.

Nice attitude, huh? The moron who runs the institution learns of a method that might cure the autistic children and his response is that doing anything about it isn't his job.

Well Mr Cross, it isn't my job either to point out your stupidity and ineffectiveness in caring for these teenagers. I've been remiss by not putting this in public sooner. It is my responsibility as a parent who knows the truth to see to it that everyone who cares for an autistic person knows where the autism came from and learns what can be done to help the afflicted people.

Old goats like Brian Cross need to be booted out the door and replaced with people whose thirst for knowledge is still alive. The lives of hundreds of thousands of children are counting on it.

What kind of world do we live in where peoples' lives are simply tossed in the trash barrel because old idiots who are no longer capable of learning do nothing but conduct business as usual. Should these teenagers be shipped off to the adult asylum when they age out of the Easter Seals facility because Brian Cross and others like him have not kept up with the science on autism?

It is now nine long years since we learned that autism is caused by mercury in vaccines. Easter Seals still does not understand this fact. They are still operating in the Stone Age as far as autism is concerned. Drug the children, throw them in timeout closets with padded walls and ship them off to the next asylum. What will it take for organizations like Easter Seals and CAICA to learn the truth?

Perhaps other people who read this blog could counter the insane letter writing campaigns by Neuroinsanity and advise CAICA and Easter Seals what has happend since 1999. CAICA also needs to learn who Tim Bolen is so they can gain an appreciation of exactly what Slimy Lamebrain and her associates are up to.

UPDATE: I received a nice note from one person at Easter Seals thanking me for this:
Mr. John Best

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your feedback. Your dedication and commitment to helping children with autism is commendable.
(Name deleted)
Easter Seals

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Anonymous said...

John, Dont you realize that drugging one into oblivion is standard protocol in institutions? I have seen this first hand at the Bedford Massachusetts. They take the alzthiemers patients and drug them til they cant move and then place them in a wheelchair with a tray and seatbelt.. This way they are doucly restrained,and just sit there in thier own drool and the staff gets to have an easier job. One staf member even sleeps on the job.