Thursday, March 06, 2008

In Memoriam, Neurodiversity

Neuroinsanity sustained a fatal blow today in Atlanta. I found a version of "Taps" where the bugler flubbed a couple of notes that I thought was appropriate to commemorate the passing of these nitwits.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha

Parents are going to be interviewed about their stories and I can't wait for one to talk about the web of lies from neurodiversity that made it so difficult to decipher fact from fiction. All it would take is a spotlight shown on the cockroaches so they can be squashed. It would be very satisfying to see the Diva be interviewed and get confronted with her lies.

I'm sure Team ND is thinking of a way to send someone to the front and become a spokesperson and deliver their "message"..oh wait that was their mighty champion, Baggs the Incontinent, wielder of the mustache of doom and pot of everboiling.

Anonymous said...

One new "winner" is Judith Ursitti of the blog Autismville. She's not yet convinced apparently and seems to spend most of her time fawning over Autism Speaks yet her son is not toilet trained and jumps on pianos. Yeah, I'm sure Autism Speaks gives a crap about that and her kid!