Saturday, March 22, 2008

David Wolman, Wired Magazine's Genuis

I was rummaging through the neuroinsanity blogs today and came across one titled "A Very Good Blog Post". I naturally thought it was about somethimng I had written so I checked it out. It turns out the blogger was referring to David Wolman, the simpleton who had been conned by Amanda Baggs in his Wired Magazine article. This post also referred the reader to another blog post by Wolman in which one PhD demonstrated his ignorance of autism because his kid was actually doing things that Amanda Baggs had been faking. It's a shame when well meaning but naive PhD's are conned by scam artists.

Wolman has a list of his articles that discuss topics such as bugs, grass and Mt Fuji. It doesn't look like there is anything in his background that gives him a clue about what autism is all about. Yet, this 33 year old wizard sees fit to ignore the concerns of people with extensive experience in autism while he helps perpetuate Amanda Baggs' con job on an unsuspecting public.

The fact that Amanda Baggs is not autistic has been brought to the attention of Joanna Pearlstein, an editor for Wired Magazine along with David Wolman. Pearlstein stated that she has no interest in writing about this fact. Wolman has not responded to anyone who voiced this concern, as far as I know.

We can see on Wolman's blog that he does not like experts in the field of autism pointing out the truth about vaccines and autism. He rambles on with some junk about horrible diseases that we all had as kids with no ill effects. This young genius who has, in has vast experience, learned about Mt Fuji, bugs and growing grass must have all of a sudden become an expert on autism by his association with a liar who began her descent into autism by abusing LSD.

So, there you have it. Wired Magazine writes pure BS and refuses to acknowledge anyone who points out their lack of integrity. Amanda Baggs goes merrily on her way, misinforming the public about autism thanks to mental midgets like Pearlstein and Wolman who tacitly agree to the LSD as the cause of autism theory. I wonder if anyone who later determines that a flu shot to a pregnant mother caused their child's autism can sue Wired Magazine for this misinformation? Can their stupidity be held against them in a court of law?

UPDATE: As you might expect, David Wolman has deleted one of my comments from his blog asking about his foolishness of not investigating allegations of Amanda Baggs' fraud. You can hide from the truth Dave, but that won't make it go away.


Axinar said...

BTW ... totally off-topic ...

But your template is getting REALLY scrambled.

Still readable, but the "edges are fraying" ...

John said...

Oh, and have you ever seen this page? :

If you go down through it you'll see some references to some sort of neurological wierdness going on at age 13 - prior to entry into college and presumably prior to any drug abuse.

Anonymous said...

prior to 13

could she talk?
could she boil water?
could she use the toilet?

Come on now. Of course she was mental back then, but not low-functioning autistic.

Give it up. Just call her crazy from LSD and previous biopolar disorder and leave it at that. Anyone trying to defend her fabricated story is out of touch with reality, or a liar.

Foresam said...

Baggs was sexually molested by her own family. Maybe that had something to do with screwing up her psyche, but that ain't autism either.

Anonymous said...

....yet that family member is now her bestest buddy. I guess for her when it's convenient/trendy to be an incest victim, she is; and when it's convenient/trendy to have an "odd" family member to supposedly "prove" a family history of "autism," the previous stuff can get swept under the rug.

I wonder how *he* feels about being vilified for years on Usenet groups? Oh, I guess it was just "her bad."

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought this was a website for parents to talk about treatment that has helped their kids? What's all this stupid shit here? A woman pretending to be autistic? So what? I don't give a shit. I wanna know about good autism therapies and how to cope with autism, but obviously you bastards are so emotionally fucked up and mentally scarred that you waste all your time crying about it instead of doing something to help your fucking kids.

Boo-fucking-HOO! Deal with it you fucking losers! This site is either about people apparently pretending to be autistic, fake-ass conspiracy theories, the whole "woe-is-me" shit and blaming aspergers for criminal behaviour (which is the dumbest thing ever).

I nearly threw up when I read about your article on the virginia tech shootings and how all aspies are potential homicidal maniacs! What a load of BS! You people make me sick! Why do you people have to cum all over tragedies like this, you lunatics!?

I hope this site is deleted and I hope that all you morons have your kids taken away from you, you selfish pieces of shit!

Foresam said...

Your deranged behavior here is the moronic anti-social epitomy of Asperger's that could lead to sociopathic behavior. That's why you need to stop defending frauds like Amanda Baggs and seek help for your brain damage.
Thank you for helping to prove my point that everyone with Asperger's also needs to be cured.