Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Amanda Baggs Sings, But She Can't Talk (my ass)

Because You Are Not One Of Us

Posted Jan 23, 07 by silentmiaow (Amanda Baggs pseudonym)
I actually meant by it, the same thing you mean when you talk about false admiration in
some of your videos. Not people who genuinely are interested in me as a person, but the
sort of thing where people are just going "Wow how amazing you are." I
more...do have a bit of a sarcastic way of presenting it in this song (which is my own
voice, not a computer one),
but bitterness isn't generally one of my problems. less

As we see from the comments, this is Amanda Baggs singing this stupid song. Is there anyone who believes Amanda can sing like this but is unable to talk? If so, please bring me all of your cash, I'll store it in my magic golf bag and, in 50 years you can come back and it will have turned into 50 million dollars worth of gold.


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