Monday, April 06, 2009

Mary Tocco, Motivational Pickpocket

Wow, this is exciting stuff. Mary Tocco also has a DVD for only $24.95 that will tell you some of the stuff you can read all over the web for free. Isn't it nice of Mary to try to pick our pockets to give us this information?

Mary has a conference coming up too next month. She has a hot looking daughter who will be speaking and you can go watch for only about $125 per day. Plus, Andrew Moulden, the alleged doctor who takes money for DVD's that he never mails is on the roster. This is a chance to get to see a real celebrity since Moulden is head of the Canadian Action Party that boasts about 300 members. Maybe he'll be the next Prime Minister in Canada if he can find just a few more followers.

Further down the roster for speakers from this crew is Dr Kurt Woeller, the wizard who runs a pay to see website so he can grab money from parents all over the world instead of having to meet them in his office. Will Kurt show up for the conference or will he just go online and project his pitch onto a screen? Time will tell.


Emily said...

I recently watched Tocco's DVD and I just started looking online for pediatrician's that support her or can provide documentation that disproves what she is saying. Do you have information about either group?


John Best said...

Tocco says a lot of things that are true. The problem with her is that she's trying to make money off of this when all of that info is available free. I'll bet that almost all of what she has to say is on this blog somewhere.